Järtecken - Ereb Altor

Quorthons disciples

Järtecken is a nice and varied album, where elements of doom, black and thrash combine to create a harsh, Bathory-inspired vikingalbum. Like bagmændenes doom band is Ereb Altors music rich harmonized vocal and guitar melodies, and both are used liberally to Järtecken. Individual songs are stretched legal far, which was also my experience of Dystopia, but Järtecken to me is a stronger album as a whole. In particular, the two finishers shows why, there is a distinction between "black metal with vikingetekster" and "viking metal" – nice atmosphere and nice album.

Industrious vikings

About a month ago notified I the Swedish doomere Isoles Dystopia with a middelkarakter to follow. But even though I had a mixed impression of the album, there were undeniable highlights; in particular, Olsson and Bryntses harmonised guitar work and vocals, which I was hoping to hear more. When I learned that they both also were albumaktuelle with their Bathory-inspired Ereb Altor, the choice was thus made for me. Let us see whether the group's eighth album, Järtecken, now also is the correct choice.

Doom to thrash

I'm happy to report that Järtecken fall substantially more in my taste than Dystopia; often even with the same elements I loved about the latter. Mournful krigstrommer initiates "Avgudadyrkans Väg", before messrs Olsson and Bryntse (aka Mats and Ragnar) lets the guitars speak with a harmonised melody. Shortly after the lets the also vocal cords to speak, and creates the same magic as that of the Isole. The group Bathory-inspired style to equate doom with black and thrash; barskhed with the melancholy and melody, and the opener works brilliantly as an introduction to the album as a whole. Subsequent bills as the "Queen of All Seas" hard doom with a melancholic vokalbåret chorus, if the transition between double - and enkeltvokal is a pure stroke of genius. However, I must also say that the song suffers from one of my main criticisms of Dystopia; namely, that the lack of development – the introduction of new passenger – in order to justify its duration of eight minutes.

The group's mid-section, with a single exception, devoted to thrash and black metal. "Alliance In Blood" blows to the attack with fast thrash riffs and darkened growls. The chorus added a hint of melody in the riffingen, like the vicious snarl replaced by a slightly more acquiescent vocal. At four-and-a-half minutes makes it what it should and no more, before the "Chained" follows with a more thrash-riffing of a slightly more melodic character. The onslaught is broken temporarily by the more doomede and halflings, "My Demon Inside", before the third and last short thrasher, "Prepare for War", rounds out the middle of.

Towards the end we find the album's longest and most archetypal song, "Hvergelmir". His mixture of semimelodisk doom and respectively. melodic and thrashet black metal is extremely explosive, while the refrain and the subsequent melodic guitarstykke gives the song a well-made epic character. The epos be developed on the de facto-finisher "With Fire In My Heart...", which delights with a basspillet introduction, which goes directly over into the nice, melodic black/doom-melody and riffing. As a final comment, I mentioned that the production is just as nice as on the Dystopia, which contributes to especially the vocals sounds as good as it does.

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