Jomsviking - Amon Amarth

New Thoughts and Dødsduet

Are you a fan or know of Amon Amarth will notice that their sound has evolved over the years. Amon Amarth have always, and still is, melodic death metal, but on the many of the previous records, particularly the first 5-6 pieces, it has most of all been (melodic) DEATH metal, but the last few years they have moved closer and closer to MELODIC (death)metal. There is a greater focus on melodies and each instrument and especially the sing-a-long choruses, which are preserved, Amon Amarth have always had. Especially Ted Lundstrøms bass gets to be in the front, and just as there is enormous focus on Heggs violent bjergtroldevokal, a part of the songs have an almost spoken-word-like parts, in which you can truly hear exactly where gutteral a voice to the huge viking. A voice that for one to wonder whether his father was Christopher Lee and his mother was a jötunn.

However, despite the strong melodic element are not all equally good. It sits a little with a feeling that you might miss it, which meant that we originally fell in love with Amon Amarth. One misses, perhaps, a knowing DEATH in its death metal, or you sit there and clap his hands due to the melodic level. Personally I'm a bit on the seesaw, but pours most of all, that the plate is excellent, however, with the exception of the song "Raise Your Horns", which is about as clumsy and ugly as a full swede with H2O sandals in Tivoli gardens on a warm summer day. However, offset this musical disaster of the song "A Dream That Cannot be", which Johan sing a duet with none other than Doro, causing the small hairs in the neck to rise and me to make Dio-horn!

Myths, murders and metal!

Amon Amarth are back and ready to pillage your village, your mother and your eardrums. This time with a somewhat more focused and thematic approach than before, since their 10. plate, Jomsviking, is created from the curious fact that the lead singer and chief Johan Hegg, the man who roars like it was Thor himself who thundered, wrote all the lyrics out from the premise that he wanted to write a cohesive story, as if it were a screenplay - an idea that was inspired by the small role, he recently had in the movie "Northmen – A Viking Saga".

In love? Say it with blood!

Jomsviking is a love story, but yet quite known, told through metal, so I wonder if you can figure out how well the story ends? Jomsviking is a lyrical tale of a young viking who is forced to leave his family and village, when he in a jalousianfald murdering his right-hand in cold blood, because he came to snatch vikingens beloved woman. The young viking, escapes and after quite a few hardships, he concludes to the river oder, a group partly mythical mercenaries, who were possibly of Danish origin. They spend a lot of time sailing around, plunder, fight, whore and all that, the vikings now once thought was true and good entertainment, until the day when they sail to the now-not-so-young hovedpersons village, where he meets up with the earl to save her. It sounds also awfully nice and romantic, well, apart from that, she quickly explains to him that he must fise, or she pokes him down on the spot. He does so and the last song is a classic "I have the book, everything is a bummer, so I go in fight to I die, I'm reach!"-history – Maybe not exactly Shakespeare, but still a better love story than Twilight.

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