Killection - Lordi

Thanks, but no thanks

Ah yes Lordi... If my 15-year-old I had seen them play a number as the "Zombimbo" or "Blow My Fuse", then I think damn't, I had sat up and snatched their albums unfortunately. Fortunately, this was not the case, however, and I'm still supertaknemmelig that Lordi exists and existed at that time. And, to be fair, their first three albums still have a special place in my black, shriveled heart. But it has Killection not – and it gets it good enough nor not! It is, as I said, a fun and creative idea, but if one is to be rigorous, so it also seems like a waste of time. And here at last, so please note that I previously wrote that there were 11 numbers, but you may be sitting – dear reader – and an itch to scratch you hair, while you read the titles of 15 tracks. It is due to ONE or other of the Lordi think it could be really fun if there were four numbers all of which are small "skits", where a radio host says that he will play these unheard songs, but is constantly being interrupted by various Poltergeist-like monsters, who are doing a prank with him – novra a fun feature! It is a gimmick they have used before, but it was never more than a number – and even there, it was actually also annoying.

The Big Questions Of Life

WE have all experienced a number of major events, which has drilled itself into our collective memory. Memories that binds us together, as we remind each other to ask for these, such as: "Where were you when the berlin Wall fell?", "Do you remember, when Oluf Palme was shot?" and the question "What were you thinking when Lordi won Eurovision in 2006?". The Finnish bastard-child of KISS and GWAR was really brought heavy metal back in the spotlight, as they with their platform boots, rollespilsdragter and teaterblod everywhere won everyone's hearts with the song "Hard Rock Hallelujah" – including me! Yes, if it had not been because Lordi had blown my 15-year-old brain out of my head, so I was probably never really started to listen to heavy metal. I can remember how I sat the entire night, after they had won, and downloaded their entire discography (it was also only three albums) down through LimeWire. I saw them even live, when they came to Amager Bio, a short time after – it was probably not a particularly good concert, but I remember it as being a magical evening. So even though I have not heard anything of it, Lordi has made since The Arockalypse 2006, so I owe them still big thank you!

Lordi, Lordi, who?

Killection is band 11. album, but should be understood as a "fictional" work in the sense that all of the 11 numbers is supposed to be forgotten and never released B-sides from the 70s to the mid 90s – a bit the same concept as the Ghost took advantage of on their latest EP Seven Inches of Satanic Panic. The idea is fun and creative, but you can't help to sit and think: "But why?". The answer has probably been, "Why not?" and peace be with it!

The album is filled with different departure to a point where it almost seems as if the band is suffering from a serious personality disorder. One moment you sit there and listen to a track as "Like a Bee to the Honey" (which, incidentally, is written together with Paul Stanley of KISS), that stinks far away of the 70's is cream-disco, and afterwards you get a number as "Evil" kicked in the head, that sounds like a combination of Mercyful Fate and Slayer. Generally so manages Lordi sound like really many different bands, but they manage never to sound like themselves. You miss the plastic-scary as their previous albums were filled with. The kind of slasher-humor which we find in the old morbid angel as "Friday the 13th" or "Helloween". Preserved, they are trying to get a little "scary" sneaked into the lyrics, but it falls totally to the ground, unfortunately, for the music is simply too lallet to fall for the illusion. Instead of listening to the music, you end up sitting and playing a kind of guessing game with himself, trying to agree with himself about which band they are now trying to emulate – which as well could be a fun drukleg, but then it stops also there.

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