Kosmopoliturbo - Russkaja

One should not bite off more than you can bake

Reviewers complaints from time to time over, that the bands are playing for "safe". They don't take any chances on their new records, but merely copies it, that seemed from the last. It is in no way the case here. It is so cool to notice that Russkaja are trying out so much new, despite the fact that they already have a mix of many genres. Unfortunately, disappears consistency just a little, and some of the sequences also suffer a little under, that they have not been executed to perfection. Kosmopoliturbo leaves one with a feeling that there's been more broke, than they otherwise skilled bagermestre can bake finished. So better try to add one or two new delicious details for his bread, than to try, with five at a time and not get baked any of it finished.

A mix from all over the world, in terms of both language and genres

The austrian band Russkaja is back with their fifth album, and those who believed that the Russkaja would be more streamlined with the passage of time, took so decided error. On the new album are both sung in English, German and Russian. The game is played punk, heavy, reggae, ska and dancehall. Thus, along with the consistent drive and flow from Georgy Makazarias vocals and Mario Stüblers energetic drums.

You give them that they come far around

Ã…bningsnummeret starts with the band's classic sound in the form of a mixture of punk and ska. The melody is good, and all is well. On the next track begins, however, already feel that they want more than just this naughty combo. On the track "Alive" will be breakdown-the pieces to electronic music, and on the third number we get the sudden a reggae ballad with full auto-tune. Right after it sends the band an intense riff at high tempo of the place. What is going on here? Where is the consistency? And it goes on. Coming songs in German and even in Russian. Songs on the whole three different languages on the same album is certainly a record for my part. But is it so together? Provides the madness make sense? Only partly, for, though the ska-elements combined with a punk rock band works, you can't say the same about the auto-tuna. The cuts in the ears, seems most of all to cover over, to Georgy Makazarias fairly elf gi is not strong enough for a so quiet and felt number. The idea of a more accomplished reggaenummer is well, when the band groover resources at mit. It's just a shame that it will not be executed better. The electronic drop also allows a part to be desired and becomes an anticlimax in an otherwise bold song. The different languages allows to turn the album no color, which suits the band really well.

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