Lancer - Lancer

Mediocre powermetal with Iron Maiden and Hammerfall as heroes.

The Swedish LANCER is ready with their selvtitlede debut. It is the 80's powermetal, which is very much inspired by Iron Maiden and Hammerfall, which the album really expresses. They are also very inspired by ostriches, which among other things cover. It enters all the way, when you delve into the band's biography. LANCER also says: anyone who spells LANCER with small letters will immediately be transformed into a really weird looking screaming ostrich(ostrich)!

Most of the tracks on the album are very similar. And you should be completely down to the last number "Between the Devil and the Deep" to find a variation. It makes the album incredibly boring, even if the band played to perfection. But they do not. Their riff and the solos are great, but it is as if they are just that, so quickly are they forgotten again. Then there is the problem with the snare drum. In the vast majority of numbers is the overly prominent, and it does not help it, the are smashed on each and every beat in the beat. There is also space for an awful synth on the track "Seventh Angel".

"Between the Devil and the Deep" is the disc's best number. It comes just to the end, where you gradually give up on the plate. The sound reminds very much about Iron Maiden. And it is both the vocals and the guitar. Both parts have the sound but not the power that draws Iron Maiden's among the giants. Their sound is very close to Iron Maiden in general, but with a little more power-influences, which, among other things, on "The Exiled".

"Purple Sky" which is åbningsnummeret on the album is also worth putting a little notice, it seems to be one of their most complete number, and it works really well. There is a great energy and self-confidence over this number. And it is very clear this number as they are trying to mimic on the rest plate. It ends up just with all of the same numbers that lacks edge and power, and in some cases reminds too much about Iron Maiden. It is a mediocre album, that while not have pulled the longest straw in the production.

Tracklist: Purple Sky The Exiled Young and Alive Seventh Angel Don't Go Changing Dreamchasers Mr. Starlight Deja Vu Between the Devil and the Deep

Purple Sky blummets opening and an incredibly annoying music video.

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