Legacy Of Blood - Sorcery (SWE)

Simple, jolly and catchy folkemetal

There are not so many layers in the music on Legacy Of Blood, but it need necessarily not to be on such an album. Here is a simple, stemningssættende music enough, especially when, as in this case has good sound and melodies that can be sung with on. A real fine album is dragged down a bit by some scattered svipsere with sækkepiben, but scores anyway 6/10 solid skulls.

Celtic folk music from Argentina

You can well play celtic folk music, even if you come from the southernmost part of south America? This tests argentina Skiltron in each case to prove. The band consists of a normal rock lineup of guitar, drums and bass. In the quintet added sækkepiben – their special karakteristikum, the home member state taken into account. The have played with on almost every single number on the four plates, Skiltron have delivered since their debut in 2006. Now is the fifth album, Legacy Of Blood, right on the stairs.

Sækkepiben going a little astray

The first thing you hear when Legacy Of Blood is put on, is a wholesome, fast riff, that prepare a on a blast of a folk metal experience. During the first five seconds of the "Highland Blood" and when we already feel the glorious atmosphere. Then wrecked it completely, when the first sækkepibetoner sounds. Not because of the instrument's piercing sound; it is the melody that is played, who is to blame. And how to get it on a little too many of the numbers on the plate. Some times it sounds: just as, to sækkepiben play scales, which are not designed for the instrument. As if they are a little too simple durskalaer is translated directly from the guitar music.

Fortunately, it turns out that when you listen on, that it's just a very unfortunate introduction to an otherwise excellent album. On the numbers "Commited to The Call", "Sailing Under False Flags" and "The Taste Of Victory" complement sækkepiben actually metalmusikken and gives the music just the right celtic atmosphere. In the numbers that achieve this, Skiltron it on a fantastic show. The lead singer wears in no way a negative mark by the great distance to edinburgh, Scotland. Even though he was not born in a celtic country, is he, like the rest of the band, obviously born to the celtic music, and with a little fine-tuning of the pibemelodierne can Skiltron reach really far.

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