Legends - Bob Catley


Legends is one of the worst album, I to date have heard – there is nothing nice to say about it. The singer can't sing, their ideas are here and there and everywhere, the production is completely in the woods, and even the cover is ugly. However, the title is apt, for this album is legendary rings.

But what's in a name?

German Majesty has been around since 1998, but back in 2008 they changed their name to Metalforce – a firm name. Perhaps it was, therefore, their frontman Tarek Maghary decided that the band should be called Majesty again in 2011. The band plays the classic German powermetal as we know it, heavily influenced by Gamma Ray, Helloween, and of course Manowar. If you look at their bandphotos and album art, so it is clear that they all have wondered, "What would Joey DeMaio do?" – when you look at their covers, so you get a little feel of to stand with a bad Manowar-bootleg.


When I was a kid, I played a pc game by the name of Majesty. It was entertaining and at the same time quite complicated, two things which the band Majesty really is not. It is extremely important that an album starts in the right way, so that the listener will be caught into and will want to hear the rest. I don't believe it, Majesty is aware, since the Legends starts with some spoken word from an unknown person who ævler loose on that the apocalypse has hit, and humanity is lost, and that, therefore, they have to fight to re-establish civilization. After this very motivational speech, going it over in something wonderful dubstep, this is The first of another number, to actually get some metal music and just to wipe the sweat off of his forehead and think, "phew", but then occurs the next disaster: namely, the Tareks vocals! The man can't sing, and here we are not out in that it is something I am writing, because I don't like his vocals, no, purely objectively, he can't sing. His voice breaks again and again, and the notes which the music is written in, matches not his vocals – which creates a total cacophony.

When you have learned to accept the fact that the man can't sing, discovers the next problem: the keyboard. Usually I'm actually quite fond of keyboards in metal. It can add a great element, but it must be managed by someone who knows what he's doing. Unfortunately, it becomes, like vokaltjansen, also moderated by Tarek Maghary – and the master he did not. Often it seems as if he just pressed the auto-beat function, since all of the songs drown in the same 80's-electro-disco-theme, as the instrument sprays out. It actually gets so bad, that you often sit and am reminded of various diskohymner from the 1980s such as "Self Control" by Laura This or "I Was Made For Loving You" by KISS – both things you would rather hear than the Majesty!

There are so many things one can point out, that doesn't work at all on this album. It is little things like odd meters, uninspired guitar solos, flat drumming, etc., but also larger things like whole numbers. For example, "Words of Silence", where the band apparently has thought, "What if we rapped and played the piano at the same time?!" – I can't remember when I last heard then dial a number. But if one were to point out every single thing that does not work on the Legends, then it would quickly turn into a longer treatise.

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