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Legends from Beyond the Galactic - Gloryhammer

I surrender me, so give me the cloak!

I must creep to the cross and realize that I love Gloryhammer! It is equal parts magnificent and completely frivolous, just as good powermetal should be! And so I have simply not enough adjectives to praise the Bowers keyboardspil, for it is probably the real driving force behind this vanvidsværk. I must admit that I am not psychic, for I had in no way assumed that a power-plate, which is then skabagtig as this, would be able to beat the legs out from under me, but it is allowed to be surprised and none the wiser! So ergo there is not much else than sew me a cloak of velvet and await the visit of Gloryhammer!

Penis Power!

Powermetal is a fun size. It is a genre, which are either taken very seriously or with a grain of salt. Some bands believe they are true virtuosos and musical gods, who don't see the fun in puddelkrøller and nervous velour, while the other is completely with that it just is something we are playing.

Gloryhammer, as the maybe – maybe not – is a penisreference, will be moderated by Christopher Bowes, who is also known as everybody's metal-piratkaptajn from Alestorm. The cheerful (read: drunken) scotsman who is not hesitate to take a wicked piss on everything and everyone, and therefore you should take Gloryhammer exactly as seriously as Alestorm – ie. not at all.

Do you think it is for fun, we are fun?!

Legends from Behond the Galactic Terrorvortex is the third chapter in the band's fictional fable, and one follows the five heroes Angus McFife XIII, The Hootsman, Ralathor, Looks Proletius and Zargothrax and their crazy escapades through distant galaxies. The story seems to be inspired by old and excessively, science fantasy, which Jens Lyn and HeMan. We learn that the galaxy Terrorvortex is a dangerous place with space pirates, unicorns, and evil space wizards, who will do everything in their power to stop our heroes from saving all the good creatures. Purely musical we are in a borderland between Rhapsody of Fire, Turisas and Dragonforce, which immediately sounds like everything, too much. But damn, it works! I do not know whether it is the ironic distance, the musical, or production, but I must admit that I really like Gloryhammer. When I review powermetal, scold I often diverse bands out to be decidedly identitetsløse, but Gloryhammer, after all, their lalleri, manages to sound customize unique. Maybe it's Thomas Winklers, sorry, Angus McFife XIIIs vocals, reminiscent of the legendary Fabio Lione. Maybe it's Christopher Bowes aka Zargothraxs insane and totally exaggerated keyboardspil – it is not to say, but it works. In many ways, so are the Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex the album, I wish Rhapsody had written instead for the last several bovlamme releases, they've made ever since the Dawn of the Victory

But, despite the fact that it is clear that the band are having fun, so one should not sneeze at the musicians who whips and flogs in various instruments. For enough this is silly, but it does not change the fact that they play razor sharp, and the production is masterful. And so must the member who has written the phrase, "Have you ever killed a goblin on the moon?" have one or another form of honorary award since it is one of the stupidest/funniest thing I have ever heard in a metalsang!

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