Liquid Anatomy - Alkaloid

Skills + sangskrivningstalent = Liquid Anatomy

In many ways similar Liquid, the Anatomy of its predecessor. Alkaloid still play their own unique and alluring tech/death/prog hybrid that keeps the perfect balance between a tårnhøjt technical level and beautiful gloomy melodies.

Compared with its predecessor it is, however, not quite as dark and creepy, but a little more straightforward and definitely more accessible to non-connoisseurs of the genre – which the undersigned actually think is a bit too bad, since it was precisely that grim element, I fell for by The Malkuth Grimoire. But there should still not be any doubt that the Liquid Anatomy is an incredibly strong, rigorously composed, and expressed the pleasure of an album. Soon came a trip north to Denmark, bother?



Germany's best side project, do it again.


2 + 2 = 5

There can occur magic, when like-minded musicians come together across bands and inspirations to create new and exciting music together. Music a whole comes to appear much larger than just the sum of the respective band members, and such a band is the Alkaloid.

With members from, among others, Necrophagist, Obscura, Dark Fortress and Raunchy debut in 2015, with the excellent album The Malkuth Grimoire, that beautiful show was a hybrid between tech death, gloomy prog and intricate sonic landscapes in the Tool-class.

Now they are current with the city of its Liquid Anatomy, and it is at least as good as its predecessor.

Opeth + Gojira + Tool = Alkaloid

One of the strengths of Alkaloids debut was that they very much in the style of the models in Opeth and Gojira had their very own distinctive sound. It was not a classic prog with instrumental lir and quirky time signatures. Nor was the introvert and rocky tech death, but rather a kind of hybrid of the two in the form of a dreamy, sinister and dystopian journey into a hard-hitting Lovecraft-like universe of sound and alluring melodies.

This unique sound is largely – and thankfully – intact in Liquid Anatomy. From the beautiful opening "Kernel Panic" and the sequel "As Decreed by Laws Unwritten" is not in doubt that it is the good German quintet, listening to. Again, production is top notch, the sound image quite phenomenally, and the musicians icky skilled. Guitarists Danny Tunker and Christian Munzner is a pure pleasure to listen to, and I would go so far as to assert that even if the music is not supposed to fall in good earth, dear reader, then listen anyway - just for guitarspillets sake. It is sublime!

But, of course, do you think of the music, for this plate is really well screwed together. Listen just for "In Turmoil's Swirling Reaches" or the almost twenty minutes long closes "the Rise of the Cephalopods", which completely magically blows the listener over with a bombardment of proggede death-riffs that quietly builds up to an epic climax, after which an alluring outro rounds the album of the. Simply beautiful. Nothing less.

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