Love Will Kill All - Bleeding Through

Rude awakening

It is good to see Bleeding Through back in the studio and I hope to see more from them in the future. The fact that there was a continuous nuisance in the form of the abrupt interruptions and transitions between the late, for my character, along with monotony as a whole. For an album intended to be heard as a whole and not in morsels, in my opinion, and it was this album not produced. So maybe woke up the Bird's phoenix of his sleep in the cold ashes, but it was something of a rude awakening it got here...

Metalcore pioneers

As a Bird's phoenix has Bleeding Through arose from the now cold ash, in 2013 they had otherwise announced that now they would play their last gigs in the course of 2014, and then withdraw. But now they are back - more aggressive and full of energy than ever.

The band was formed back in 1999 under the name Breakneck, as they very quickly shifted to the present: Bleeding Through. They were not taken particularly well against, since metalcore and hardcorescenen was still very small; but they held firm and had slowly built a growing fan base up.

Best in portions

From a purely musical works Love Will Kill All really symphonic and melodic. It's hard not to rock out with, when the pick-up dangers through the one gripping the cutting after the other. Unfortunately, the album itself is not quite well-produced, with, for example, is very abrupt transitions between the individual intersections, and the more numbers ends just as abruptly as they began. This feeling gets especially between the two intersections "Than Us", and "Cold World", where it almost feels as if the one song is not allowed to connect, but almost interrupted by the other.

The album is their eighth in their 18-year career, and it bears also the stamp of the that they very well know how to deliver the goods. Brandan Schieppati, which is the only remaining of the original line-up, delivers a raw and brutal vocals, which are almost a must for this genre, and the other band members seems to have a pretty good interaction among themselves and complement each other perfectly. Despite this, the album as a whole seem a little boring and monotonous, whereas the individual intersections, when you have taken them out and listened to them individually, is actually really good.

If you just do this, then listen to them individually, so do we also for the abrupt transitions, and the leader almost in mind of, that it might have been supposed from the very beginning that people just need to listen to single tracks from the album and not the whole album at once.

My personal favorite is "Remains", which is so captivating in its sound, just like adheres to the brain, and one can not let go and hum it long after you've heard it - it is really a good quality in my lenses.

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