Lust and Loathing - The Unguided

Craving for more, but left in disgust

Some will probably wrinkle their noses when they hear the name of this band as melodic death. It is in the very gentle end, and leans them up metalcore. The band's third album, Lust and Loathing, gave me the desire for more, but left me in disgust. It is catchy as fuck and super accessible. All the numbers are extremely lyttervenlige, but in its entirety it becomes too much. However, there are still good numbers, which – for itself – is quite good. It is accepted and will get 6 skulls from here.

They are completely wishy-washy with metal in Sweden, and The Unguided have a great offer for you: keyboard and catchy chorus

Sonic Syndicate 2.0

The first one comes in the thoughts when you think of Sweden, Zlatan Ibrahimović, followed by metal. If there is something they mastered in Sweden, so is it the art of playing metal. There are many examples, and The Unguided is as such also a fine one of its kind. The band was formed in 2009 by the former lead singer of Sonic Syndicate, Richard Sjunnesson, who then was joined by Roland and Roger, who are also former members of the same band. If you do not already have guessed it, then play the melodic death with a lot of keyboard.

The first album was released in 2011 through Despotz Records, but the band has since signed with the mighty Napalm Records and are now ready with their third album.

Small doses, then you are on the safe side

It can be incredibly difficult metal to master that damn keyboard. There is not much to, before it becomes something really crap in the long run. I can mention a sea of bands that have mastered the dosage, and The Unguided is not one of them. Enough about keyboards... I come not to say, there is a great deal of it on this album.

The first part of the album features the songs "Enraged" and "The Worst Day (Revisited)". The recipe is up-tempo, clean vocals, catchy melodies and of course the keyboard. It is a delight to listen to, and the recipe makes itself felt on the whole album. On the "Heartseeker" is really gone for serenaderne, and the clean vocals are given free rein. The guitar is all the time in the background and banks, bottom and the hardness in the otherwise very quiet numbers. A number, in which you can really hear the inspiration from Sonic Syndicate, is the "King of Clubs", which just has all the elements, you know that. It is quite a good number – also the disc's best, if you ask me – and it does In the. Here I can't help but think of Andreas Dörner from Caliban, when I hear the clean vocals. There is a great comparison here.

The whole thing is super easy to go to, and the melodies and the songs gets stuck. The problem is just that when you get to the next song, then you have completely forgotten the previous, because it leans so much to one another. But it is still edible. This is changing, however, when you go on to the second playing of this album and it does not get better after several. It becomes simply too much of a good thing.

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