Machine - Andy James

90'the kvinderock is certainly not dead

Machine does not add anything new to it big but nevertheless extremely exciting field called alternative rock/metal crossover. In fact, looking the album most of all just mind back on the music that was heard to signed gymnasiefester for soon twenty years ago, but keep right fast how do they do it well!

Used the recipes must not pull down, as well as individual nostalgia't going to pull up – I settle just to say that within this genre of alternative rock bands are the 69 Chambers really cool and the Machine is a really solid, highly immersive and well executed dial.

Solid and highly immersive album from the swiss all-the rock masters

Ahaaaaaaahh, is it them? Yes, damn it!

Swiss 69 Chambers may not be a band that gets the most aggressive and insistent bells to call in the people; but hang right on, maybe you know them actually.

In 2009 came the debut album War On The Inside and three years later came the follow-up Torque. Then decided the trio to pause, so frontkvinde Nina Vetterli-Treml able to work as a journalist for an automobile magazine(!), and her husband, guitarist Tommy Vetterli (aka Tommy T. Baron), could revive the legendary Coroner. The bell tolls now? Whatever is the 69 Chambers now ready with their third langspiller, Machine, and it is quite a solid disc.

Well written, seamless and immersive

If you don't know them, 69 Chambers a band, that will undoubtedly be the place for fans of the end of the 90's and early 00'the rock/metal crossover-names with lead female singers, such as Anouk, Garbage, and Skunk Anasie. Imagine a metal version of Tori Amos paired with a sur Alanis Morrisette on a backdrop of a mix of Soundgarden and A Perfect Circle. Does it sound strange? It is not. On the contrary, it is extremely lyttervenligt and catchy. Frontkvinde/bassist Nina Vetterli-Treml has a great alluring voice, Tommy Vetterli a simple but very potent guitar and drummer Diego Rapacchietti (ex-Eluveitie, ex-Coroner) provides for the incomparable dynamics. No trylletricks or intricate fiksfakserier – only superfed music.

Motorentusiasten Nina Vetterli-Treml has even stated that "a guitar or a bass need to sound as evil as the air cooled boxer engine of a vintage Porsche," and it is very much to hear on the Machine. Already at the opener "Deceleration" is heard the hard-hitting and dynamic drive, and it is repeated on, among other things "F. Y. L." and not the least "Happiness". The tools are simple, but it's also just the most effective. A few cool riffs and a catchy hook, and so run the bus.

Any good plate understand, however, that balancing the hard and the button is so hard, and it is of course also the case on the Machine. The French-language "Métamorphose" is together with the disc perhaps the best track "Loaded Gun" some amazing intersections, which get cohesion on the dial to be absolutely sublime. Here heard Nina Vetterli-Tremls huge sangskrivningstalent clear, and these well-written tracks can only have been a pleasure to produce for altmulig and husband Tommy.

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