Macro - Jinjer

Micro or macro?

Don't be in doubt: Macro is an ambitious and exciting record, that has a lot to offer. The band come well around in the different genrehjørner, and they are not afraid to take a chance. Unfortunately, Macro does not completely objective with the Micro, which seems more powerful and has more catchy numbers such as "Ape" and "Teacher, Teacher!". You have no plans on Saturday the 20. June, so make sure to meet up at the Refshaleøen – for surely, we get hits from across the catalogue, when Jinjer guests Copenhell 2020? I think it is.

Wind in the sails

2019 has been a terrific year for the Ukrainian Jinjer. The band has had plenty of media attention, toured the world thin with a bl.a. Soilwork and Amorphis, and in January I threw away the critically acclaimed ep Micro on the street. The quartet is apparently full of ideas, just nine months after Micro , we got Macro – a fuldlængdealbum in 40 minutes. The plate is the fourth in a series since 2013, and the big question is, well, about Jinjer can continue to live up to the hype that is around them.

Much more than "Pisces"

The short answer to the above must be a resounding yes. With the Macro showing the four ukrainians once again that they can deliver creative and potent, innovative, and far along the way thrilling music. It is neither metalcore, melodød or prog metal, we meet on the Macro, but rather an eclectic fusion of all sorts of genres and styles: "the Pit of Consciousness" points to the aggressive djent, "Home Back" implements a jazzy interlude, and now hold fast – "Judgement (& Punishment)" is real reggae.

It may sound like a messy place, but for Jinjer, it works. Eugene rich bass, Roman's energetic guitar and Vladislavs heavy drums in it all, and in the centre is the charismatic lead singer Tetiana. The small ukrainer took the world by storm in 2017, when she is on the "Pisces" (as p.t. has over 30 million views on YouTube!) demonstrated his impressive singing voice. Effortlessly alternated she between a velvety voice and a brutal roar – and the same applies here on the Macro. Hear just åbningsnummeret "On the Top". It is both aggressive and sentient. Nice work. Add to this that the band have pieced some fine lyrics together, which treats everything from child abuse ("Retrospection") to the war in Ukraine ("Home Back").

One senses quickly that Jinjer has a lot of heart and many ideas they would like to try of. The experiments succeed at the majority of the Macro, and occasionally it is actually quite interesting: In the "Retrospection" is sung on Ukrainian – something the band could easily grow even more – and on the "lainnereP" we get an atmospheric reinterpretation of the "Perennial". Unfortunately, both seem "pausing appears Death" and "Noah" pretty retningsløse, and they never quite manages to kindle even though "pausing appears Death" offers a nice basarbejde.

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