Maestro - Winterhorde

Drawn by the music

Despite the fact that I have skamlyttet this album, it grows just every time I hear it. There is always something new and exciting that draws my attention. I'm caught by the Winterhordes universe, and am looking forward to listen the band's other albums, if I once get tired of the Maestro.

Must mention something negative, then it must be the few places where production is lagging, but are you like me, a sucker for progressive music, then this disc is a must.

Maestro is a strong album, where the universe and the technique does not fail anything

6 years of waiting well spent

In Israel, the ancient most holy land, found a little over a handful of talented musicians, that goes under the name of Winterhorde. These talented musicians have played together since 2001 and have, before the Maestro released 2 albums previous album back in 2010, so for 6 years ago, but it has certainly been worth the wait.

Winterhorde play progressive metal with elements from extreme metal and symphonic metal yards.m. The span extends from the saxophone to the distortion guitar. In other words, play Winterhorde very versatile and can be a bit of everything but not enough of it, so, they manage also to compose tracks, which hangs perfectly well together.

An exciting journey

When I write concept albums, so you might be thinking immediately in the ferocious masks, or small japanese girls in miniskørt, but here is to talk about an album from a purely musical and textual form a single universe. Exactly, we must find ourselves in Prague at a concert hall, as the intro, "That Night in Prague", the put up to. Here is heard a maestros quiet step, while a piano plays quiet tones, until he steps forward on the stage, and jublen no end in sight. Next, the listener is led through a wealth of different impressions. First on the track "Antipath", starting quietly with strings and classical guitar, but in a fast-paced blast-beat, which, however, are very melodic. Then move the number over in a clean-vocals-verse and on to a grand chorus, so just to finish with a game of harsh vocals. So it goes relentlessly on. It is unpredictable, yet rigorously composed – in a cool way.

Each number takes you through a dark story, there is a unified part of the larger universe – whether it's grandly symphonic, extreme metal-ish or progressive as fuck! The musicians can really their stuff and are so skilled technically that I will be green with envy. Therefore, I can not identify some numbers that are better than others, since it is the totality of the album, which makes it great. Although it is almost 12 minutes long "The Heart of Coryphee" has my attention all the way from start to finish. The abundance of positive vibes is discontinued however a few places where I think the record is lagging clean production, which is a shame, when music is so extensive.

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