Magma - Gojira

Tårevædende beautiful!

Magma is not a plate you just hear a single time and then form his opinion on. In that case, it will just happen, it also happened the first time you ever heard Gojira; One thought: "What the hell is it here for the something strange "save the whales"-metal...?" Then no, Magma requires several concentrated gennemlytninger before it takes hold, one thing is certain: Gojira never make a readily available plate. But give the dial the time it deserves, then one will also discover that this is a true masterpiece that gets better and better every time you hear it. It is a fabulous, heavy, alluring, beautiful and deep slice, to alternately headbangers and traps a melancholy tear. Everything is as it should be in the Magma and even more; the Sun, moon and stars are exactly as they should and a classic is born. It is not so often, the undersigned awards the absolute top rated, but rarely has it been more deserved.

The French giants outdoes itself with a true masterpiece!

Moments difficiles inspirent de grandes choses

Hard times and adversity are usually really good and potent petrol for a metal band. And just hard times have French Gojira experienced a part of since the release of their previous disc L'enfant Sauvage , from 2012. First and foremost, to the band's great frustration, met the plate criticism from their most dedicated fans, as the pace had been set down, it was screwed up for the electronic and, in general, had the music been added, a little more "popped" expression. In addition, the cast Gojira itself relentlessly out in a long, draining tours, all the while they planned to build their own studio in New York city up from scratch. All in all, they had a few years that could have taken the pippet from most, but as if that were not enough, lost the brothers Duplantier their mother to cancer shortly after the new studio was finished. When the recordings for this, their fifth, langspiller was in the way, were the brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier so stressed, tense and frustrated that they felt like volcanoes that could erupt anytime. It was here that the creative process really set going, and the upcoming plades title decided: Magma.

"When you change yourself, you change the world."

It is no exaggeration to say that Gojira has been through a very interesting evolution since the first album Terra Incognita , 2001. And the evolution from the somewhat maligned L'enfant Sauvage continues immediately from the Magma; What was once a very heavy and very progressive, with time, become more atmospheric and dreamy and just as quickly, the rumbling and technically complicated. Be preserved, here is still a lot of progressive elements and resounding sublime riffs that makes that at no time is in doubt here is that it is Gojira; Although it is more lingering and far cleaner than in the past, is Joe Duplantiers scandalously underrated vocals still in a class of its own. And then of course there is also the little brother of Duplantier, drummer Mario, who delivers a truly great performance behind the pots. He proves the plate through with its unique ingenuity and the sometimes almost cheeky change of pace, that he belongs in the absolute elite when it comes to technically gifted metal-drummers. Listen just the number "The Cell" - it is pure candy for the trommeinteresserede.

A listen to the singles "Silvera" and "Stranded" - and, not least, the track "Pray" - reveals that Gojira in many ways has become a more mature band that rests so enormously in themselves and their unique talent, that they are as easy as nothing can make a quite simple and relatively quiet number, there still is potent as just hell. It is still progressive and hard-hitting metal that can shake the neck of the led, but compared to the past, it is now done with a confident, atmospheric tranquility that makes the music beautiful and dreamy, but also damn hard and heavy at one and the same time. I dare the coat a bit and say that I actually hear a little Tool in the passages where the who played with the alternative, quirky and dreamy. And it is at an angle that suits them perfectly fine.

Gojira is very much a band who like to manage things yourself and have a soleklar vision for where they must go as a band. Produced by the frontman himself, this is a slice that is in no way bear the stamp of the classic sought progression, but rather is a result of completely natural evolution from a band who possess inexhaustible amounts of talent. It is superior, unique and expertly!

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