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Manor Of The Se7en Gables - Them

Much ado about nothing

Manor of the Se7en Gables is pompous and over-the-top" in a higher degree than one expects from the genre. The musicians are really skilled enough, and you get the feeling that they are doing what they can, but to lift the album up above the annoying, boring, or banal, they manage unfortunately only in glimpses. Manor of the Se7en Gables is definitely only for the fanatical fans of the genre and for people with taste is it just a waste of time.

American/German power thrash

Jim is a transatlantic band that plays american power metal, combined with a good portion teutonisk thrash. The band consists of a bunch of experienced musicians from groups such as Coldsteel, Septagon, Sylencer and Demolition Hammer. In 2016, they released their debut album, Sweet Hollow and recently appeared toeren, a conceptual album Manor of the Se7en Gables.

King Diamond on speed

Let's just make one thing clear immediately: King Diamond has definitely not lived in vain. Relatively trivial, their tales of woe? Check out. Vocals so high-pitched that they bring all the neighborhood dogs in affect? In the highest degree! Melodious and melodious power? Yes, it is actually, but the whole works unfortunately only in glimpses. It succeeds quite well, when the band blends their solid thrash riffs with the more traditional power-metal. An example of this is "Circuitous", where King Diamond meets Megadeth and "Refuge Of The Manor", where there suddenly comes a little Anthrax-riffing inundated. It is approved, but the screaming vocals are, to say the least a challenge, and most of the time it is hysterical power-metal that dominates the soundscape.

The "Witchfinder" sounds of the vowels as much as King Diamond, that you would almost not believe his own ears, and it is actually hard to call it anything other than theft in broad daylight. Fair enough to be inspired by a big model like the King, but there should be limits. "Ravna" underlines once again how difficult it is for many metal artists to write a good ballad. A bland text and flat vocals spiced with an annoying Ghost-like chorus, that is in the infinite.

So, what about the story? After all, it is a 'Magus', who, along with her submissive servant, probably including the humpback, trying to return to their old haunt - the 'Manor', which is in the album title. It is there as a 'Witchfynder' trying to prevent – what a drama, you are missing really just the proverbial Grandma in the cast. It's all spiced up with a totally overplayed voice-over. Imagine the Disney Channel sitcoms, carried out by self-important, over-powdered Shakespeare dilettantes in ugly wigs. In other words, the rich opportunities to curved toes and shake indulgently on the head – most of the time at the same time.

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