Mark of Rot - Cabal

Dødskulten occupy the larger forests

The dark woods in Denmark will soon become too small for the dødskulten Cabal. The international potential is huge, and the band has also signed with the label Long Branch Records – an agreement, both sides will probably be really happy, specially Long Branch. This album is nothing less than awesome! You will be totally engrossed, and had to the darkness with time get rid of you, the band probably catch you again with their energetic live shows – which, we learned recently, is top-notch! Cabal then ten skulls, and took them all together.

There's something rotten...

Danish metal band has really shown what you can achieve with just a single ep release, and the Danish scene is in full bloom with the high level and great potentials. Everything seems to flourish, and it only gets better, darker, and meaner, for depravity and evil is about to get taken over. Cabals debut album, Mark of the Rot, without a doubt, the album, which comes on many people's lips here in the beginning of 2018, and I have no doubt that råddenskaben going to spread far! The band's first release, the ep'a Purge, was released back in 2016, and gave a good indication of what it was for a band and what sound they sought after. They have even stated that they see their music as a somewhat indefinable genre, but fans of the blackened deathcore, djent, and hardcore can without a doubt identify with the Cabal. What becomes more clearly on the Mark of Rot.

"We, the market, will unite in the dark!"

The heavy breakdowns, the bleak lyricism and atmospheric and sinister elements are still a big common denominator, and the whole thing becomes elevated and lifted several levels up. The red thread is there throughout the album and is somewhat more evident than in the Purge, through the various technical gloomy effects, the hateful vocals and the related poetry – for example on the song "Rah'Ru", where, with almost paranormal voice whispered: "We, the market, will unite in the dark". This number puts out some massive percussions and a chanting choir, which sat out in the woods and witnessed a ritual or stood and waited for Dimmu Borgir should go on the stage. It emphasizes the mood, which is constantly lurking in the track, and it is really kept intact all the way through the album's 37 minutes.

There is no doubt that it is Cabal, and they have really grown as a band. They draw parallels to, for example, Thy Art Is Murder – except that Cabal makes it better, more sinister and meaner. I'm a big fan of Thy Art Is Murder and think their latest album was great, but it will, as said, the rear wheel of a small Danish band with a great, great album! Plus and plus as you know, the plus, and therefore, it is of course supersejt to hear that the vocalist of Thy Art Is Murder, CJ McMahon, have got a discreet, featured vocals on the track "Nothingness". It is a great aggressive track, initiated by a vicious kirkeorgel, and then all hell breaks loose. Now, I mentioned before that CJ's role was discreet on this number, and I say that, because he totally overshadowed by the dark, as Andreas throws over the track with his amazing vocals! As the rest of the band, he is really grown with the task, and his vocals seem to have a greater purpose and a much more central role than on their ep. There is also made room for a Danish intercity, namely Filip Danielsson (Humanity's Last Breath/In Reverence), on the track "The Darkest Embrace". There is no doubt, when the two vowels are crossing each other, as philip's vocal is somewhat more different from Andreas', than was the case with CJ's.

The band's inspiration from the black metal universe is as the theme is still great. They incorporate the dog in their very own way. The title track "Mark of Rot" oozes far away from black, and are then beaten completely in the basement of the heavy drop F and they lead the breakdowns; all held together by a crisp production thanks to the band's own Chris Kreutzfeldt.

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