Maximalism - Amaranthe

Not so heavy

Amaranthe have released a good pop-metal plate, and in these times, where the Ghost and the other facing up and down on metalgenren, should there also be a place for Amaranthe. The music is delicious, and popped with rock and heavy elements, where some numbers, however, are stronger than others. The singers do a good job, but with Elize Ryd as the key element. The sound on the album is also to ug, where there is a particular volume is turned high up for the electronic elements, which gives it that garage feeling.

Seen in this forums light, where there is a focus on heavy, Maximalism , unfortunately, not sneak up on more a 8 popped skulls.

Three singers from Sweden

The Swedish band with a twist of Danish influence, Amaranthe is back with yet another lyttervenligt response in the form of the album Maximalism. The Danish flavour consists of drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen, who is probably most known for his time in the Danish Mercenary. The band is also known for the three singers: gudesmukke Elize Ryd, who make up the beautiful female vocals; Jake E., who is the male tenorstemme, as well as growling Henrik Englund, who is with the 2. album for Amaranthe. Together play Amaranthe a very popped round metal with elements from death-, power-, industrial - and core-metal. Maximalism is no exception, which, however, is screwed even more up for the popped elements.


Heavy metal (a la garage

In the 90's sprouted a lot of garage bands until, as pure music was a mix of techno, dance, disco, and pop music, where bands such as the E-type and Scooter is worth mentioning. Imagine this and then with metal and shatter, so you have the feel of how Amaranthes new album sounds – listen to among other things, "Maximize", "Boomerang" and "Fireball". Be turned so a bit of aggression, where there is almost more eurotrancet stage, so we hit the track "Fury". How to continue it out in one away, and hold up, where is it popped, but nothing else really cathcy, both choruses, verses, electronic rhythms, etc. Strangely enough, it works as a whole, where metallen and pop almost goes into a kind of symbiosis. Already after a few gennemlytninger you can sing with, where, in particular, the song "Supersonic", which again has the garage feeling, really groover and makes me want to rant with.

If it actually is metal, however, can be discussed, for listening to the first single, "That Song", which rhythmically recalls a mix of "We Will Rock You" by Queen and the Gorky Park's "Bang", as well as vocals and keys, which lie very close to modern pop songs, so is it maybe just more pop than metal. However, this should not take credit from the tracks are well written, and really hit the good melody and the delicious hooks.


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