Meditations - Kataklysm

They go great in the flower beds

If you are a fan of death metal, which change in tempo and swings a little between traditional and melodic in style, then you certainly haven't gone wrong with a band like Kataklysm – to the contrary!

As the pick-up works itself through each and every groove in the plate, and you will find that all of the intersections are unique and really well-played, and you are not at all in doubt, to put life and soul into the work with music – the many hours in isolation has really borne fruit.

Several of their numbers draws easily the associations to other well-known big bands, which I only see as a sign that they are extremely professional and embraces their fans really well. For example, there are several riffs on the first cut, "Guillotine", which easily makes one think of Amon Amarth or Arch Enemy, and on the sixth track, In "Limbic Resonance", I have no doubt that both the vocals and the band very close to the Cradle of Filth – three great bands that I personally am quite fond of; so this, combined with their highly professional approach to music and their band, for my character and I have no doubt that others will be able to enjoy the album as much as I do.

For evil to triumph it only takes good men to do nothing!

How to begin the band's 13. and the latest album, and when you dig deep down in the texts of its intersections, then it is easy to see what is meant. For almost three decades, Kataklysm graced the international death metal charts with their catchy approach to the genre. Since they got together back in 1991, they have explored themes relating to mystery, history, war, materialism and now, with the album Meditation, also death and violence in several forms. It seems as if they really know how to dig themselves deep, deep into the mind allermørkeste corners, and write texts, that's about everything that we think and feel completely in there, but not quite dare to admit or express.

Back to the roots

After that the band reached the milestone of 25 years in their career, they decided that the Meditation would find back to their original, unique roots, which gave them their first fans. They have never really wanted to ascribe a genre or style of 100% and what do you think has led to confusion, and I can only give them the right that they through time have been very difficult to stamp with only one specific genre or style, with each cutting, you hear from them, is unique and adds new elements.

Frontman Maurizio Iacono has, among others, stated this about the album: "the Boys and I isolated us under the same roof during the entire writing process, just like in the old days ... without other worries than to have fun, be honest and deliver a serious album that represents us as we are today, but at the same time respecting our past."

It may also be difficult to distinguish when you actually have two bands in almost the same genre to keep track of. For the add Dano Apekian to the band, then you have suddenly sideprojektet, Ex Deo. But I think that they have escaped fairly well from the to separate the two bands – both in style, genre and sound. In particular, I think that this album clearly reflects where the band in the future want to go with their music.

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