Midnight Ghost - Brainstorm

Where is the spark?

Brainstorm has on many fronts has taken a step forward, but stands still in the same gradually the dusty room, which they built to their sound in the nineties. This can certainly appeal to their fangruppe, but there must light a new fire in the term, before they can convince me that the music appeals to more than those who have grown up with it. Now with twelve similar albums in diskografien it will probably not plate number thirteen, which turns the glow.

The second wave of european powermetal

Since the modern powermetalgenre took its fledgling steps in the slutfirserne, German Brainstorm have been ready with powerakkorderne. The German quintet released the first of their debut album in 1997, but has since average released an album every two years and is the current Midnight Ghost up on their twelfth album. The style is still the same as it always has been: Good old-fashioned powermusik with floating chords, glorious riffs and fast solos. To spice up this well-known cocktail has a Brainstorm always had a touch of darkness in the lyrics that give the songs an extra layer to explore. After so many years with the same formula is the band's primary instrument, however, nostalgia, which can create problems in search of new listeners.

Good production, good songwriting, no appeal

Compared with previous albums, even in comparison to 2016's Scary Creatures, is the production on the Midnight Ghost something more professional. Guitarriffsene cuts clearly through, and vokalindspilningen is well executed. Simultaneously get drum and bass the solid building they deserve, and all in all, the listening experience on the album quite velpoleret. There is also a fine composition on the album, which starts off with four intense powersingler of the classic format, and continue with some slightly more experimental tracks, including the long and velopbyggede "Jeanne Boulet (1764)" and "When Pain Becomes Real", with some fine change from the clean to the distorted sound.

Thus, there is a track on the production and the songwriting on the Midnight Ghost, but anyway, I predict no breakthrough for Brainstorm in addition to their group of kernelyttere. Technically, it's a successful poweralbum, but it lacks a firm, to link good listening experience, for it doesn't just disappear in the crowd for the benefit of other powerplader with more bite. A strong theme in musikvideoerne, a live performance, which resonates outside of the home, a more unique vocals or something else to tie the music up, which causes us to remember its themes. This is incredibly important for bands in a genre where the writing of many groups end up being monotonous and trivial.

Precisely why creeps Brainstorm themselves not higher up than the five skulls, though a kernelytter would probably give the disc a higher grade. If you listen enough to the plate, the enough to attach themselves and become a classic, but it provides no serious offer on why one should choose just Brainstorm to expand its power-horizon, above all the genre's other bands.

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