Monarchy - Rivers Of Nihil

Rivers of then-no

Let me make it clear: This is not a slice, that sounds outright bad, it just sounds like so much else and are completely and utterly controlled by superficiality and overambition. It may be a worn out expression, but these guys play in other words, music with the brain rather than the heart – and it comes there is rarely anything good out of. Therefore, lands this disc on a fesent firtal.

Rivers Of Nihil follow the flow and forget the originality

A sluggish start

After a questionable albumdebut in 2014 – with The Conscious Seed Of Light – is the american dødsmetallere from Rivers Of Nihil now ready with a new and hopefully more accurate shots in bøssen: Monarchy. The problems with their first disc was, in my ears many, but the greatest was the absolute lack of innovation and autonomy. It is rarely any greater pleasure to listen to a complete identitetsløs slice, and it was therefore with a certain fear of repetition, that I gave myself in the throws of their monarchy-creation.

Technical, but empty

And where I was however, disappointed. After just two-three numbers, I sat with the feeling that I had already heard the entire disc, and that the boys have nothing at heart. I'm sorry to say it, but it is generic, mass-produced and – by the way – dødkedelig music, Monarchy has to offer. The u.s. nihilister press all the right buttons, but they do it without a single skvulp integrity or empathy. Practice.

Also on the genremæssige front presented we for something we certainly have heard before: a game of stereotype and fashionable tech-death mixed up with a little pompous prog and boldly deathcore here and there. Really interesting it becomes only in the few moments where the prog'a really materialise, and the instruments are given free rein – for example, on the track "Terrestria II Thrive".

The problems does not stop here, unfortunately. Yet another obstacle for the two men is the vocalist Jake Dieffenbach, who brings the band two significant problems. First, he clearly does not decide whether he will roar death metal or deathcore, which leads to a rather annoying distortion of this disc. He complements simply not the band, but runs its own style, in parallel. What is worse, so possessing Dieffenbach the most monotonous and unemotional vocals, I have long laid ears to. Hear just the "Perpetual Growth Machine" – he is angry, is retained, but there is so nerve!

It's all monotonous, plain, and uniform. Even the production seems to me extremely boring. On the superficial level, the sounds of the musical monarchy quite pleasant and melodious, but at the same time it's so damn predictable and empty of any hint of surprise or spontaneity. No doubt there are some technically talented musicians behind, but they manage never to create something memorable.

Ok, pause for her the acid; the plate also has its highlights! There, where the river-the flock of the gravity is on the trail of something that works, is in the atmospheric or stemningsdannende passenger. Fx kicked all the fuss started with instrumentalnummeret "Heirless", which creates a dramatic, menacing atmosphere prior to the actual intersections. Likewise, the successful "True Baptism" with its porous intro, the catchy "Ancestral," and the aforementioned instrumentalindmarch "Terrestria II Thrive" quite nicely.

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