Monument of the End - Soreption

The technical groovemonstre is back

4 years have passed since the Swedish Soreption finally gave sound in the form of dial Engineering the Void , and before it went there also 4 years from the band's debut Deterioration Of minds . It is not a band I've followed closely, but nevertheless, become acquainted with the current. And now is the time to report their latest sacrifice, who bears the title Monument of the End. And the band starts with nothing less than a monster in the form of the number The Anti-Present - a number which just was half of life, there are grooves completely insanely in the number with heavy, velanrettede riffs, a fat flow broken up by a few faster, without we're talking ultra-fast, parties. The music is very technical, and guitarist Michael Almgrens play on the guitar is sublime, that happens quite mind-boggling many things in the fingers of the man. Drummer Tony Vestermark sure to support this with its immensely tight and tremendously varied game. So, all in all an excellent start from Soreption...

From optimism to boredom

So, my start with the dial here was marked by a great desire to hear more, but already on the next number disappears my enthusiasm a tad. The number Children of the automaton continues with the signaturgroovet, but unlike the opener, it has not the same effect on me. Work is completely general, with a very homogeneous expression on the Monument of the End , and all of the numbers features a groove that, at its best, is devastating, and when it is not so good, is crushing boring. They play insanely well, and unlike many other technical death metal bands going on in one of my ears, comfortable pace. The band writes fine, memorable songs, and there are plenty of quality here, especially if you're a big fan of the style.

To finish in the best possible manner

As a whole, this is a kvalitetsskive in the field of technical death metal, and it should be in any fans collection of this style. I am a far piece down the road and may even go and sing on some of the omkvædene, all of which are really catchy. It all becomes a bit of a grey mass with individual tracks, riffs and so on, which stand out ... the Band choose, however, to close the ballet here with one of the best tracks I have put ear to the field of death metal here in 2018, namely the number of The Entity, which is just a 5-minute tour de force in how technical death metal can be played to perfection. A number from the topmost shelf, where they also put a tremendously well-place clean vocals. So general a my ears fine plate, with two numbers, as in the degree stand out!


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