Moonglow - Avantasia

Right by and almost

Moonglow is a typical Avantasia album. There is nothing new under the sun, other than the project taken to new heights and thus cements, Tobias Sammet and company is unsurpassed to create a concept album and bring together a number of artists about their projects. There is a bombastic adventure and pompous dreams are stored in their tale, told in a way that Sammet almost have a patent on, and which he has used to create illusions through two decades soon.

The album is almost perfect. That is just the part with the "Maniac", but otherwise it's hard to find something where I think there should improvements for the. Take the "Maniac" out of the play list, it would be a phenomenal collection of songs that work well together, creating a nice flow and has a rounding, as it should be. Unfortunately, I must end on eight skulls in this place. There was potential for more, but the strange ending destroys a great part of the experience.

We are entering a new era

Avantasia is effectively condensed by the imagination around the Avalon and Fantasia, and has at the same time created both a portmanteu and a whole new genre of music. Tobias Sammet has with the band Edguy in many years profiled itself with the powermetal, but he takes a step further with Avantasia, in that he creates the foundations for the genre metalopera.

With metalopera used elements from operaverdenen in the construction of the album, and its historical composition, where the musical part is rooted in the powermetal. But just Avantasia using the opera-the part on the way that each album tells a continuous story that can spread across several albums, but at the same time has classic elements with as supportive features.

The fourth period

So far it has been possible to divide the Avantasias albums in different periods, each with their stories and concepts. In short, they have moved in the three stories so far, and is now started on a new one with the Moonglow. As on the previous albums, there are a host of guest soloists with the spread around on the different songs. Among others we see Ronnie Atkins from Pretty Maids, Eric Martin from Mr. Big, Michael Czech from Helloween, Mille Petrozza from Kreator and several others.

Clean kompositionsm├Žssigt says Tobias Sammet, that this is the most comprehensive and detaljeorienterede, they have long made with several items from several parts of the musical world. There is also talk of a sharp production, and sitting in several places and dream away to one side or the other guitar solo. At the same time Tobias Sammets voice is always a delight to let herself fall to, especially when it's accompanied by Michael Rodenberg on various tangents.

Already from the first issue with the "Ghost In The Moon" you will experience the orchestral setup that is used on Moonglow, and from the first moment that led into the story, which should be followed in the next hour. "Ghost In The Moon" is simultaneously an example of the typical Sammet way to build a song up, which changed several times between the solos, fierce powermetal-song, powerballade atmosphere and several solos. But it is also clear that when it puts out with ten minutes on the first number, so there is room for expression.

The overall feel from the first ten minutes are maintained fine through the whole album, with a single svipser, I think. The last track is a cover of "Maniac", as I do not think fits in with the rest of the story, we have been told. It seems like an attempt by Sammet on to show that he can take any song and make it metal. Why he should need to prove it, only the gods know.

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