Narnia - Born Of Osiris

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Christian metal is often a difficult genre to report. This is mainly due to the texts of the christian is in as sharp focus, the rest are downgraded, so that purely musical is not so much to come after. Narnia is, however, a welcome exception, which should have seven small skulls. And bother you not to hear about Jesus, so you can easily enjoy a lot of the disc numbers only for the music's sake.
Personally I am growing not the christian metal, and own eyes rolled as also several times, when I researched on the nearby washer and fell over Jesus a few times or a hundred. But besides a few intersections, which are pretty skinny and may be described as the filling keeps the Narnias music, in fact on many of the disc numbers. Long-lasting? No. Innovative? No way. But if you are into christian metal, guess I'm on, you will enjoy Narnia.

Jesus-the metal that moves!

Jesus rocks!

Swedish Christian Liljegren is an active master. He is a genuine Jesus-rocker with a whole pile of bands in your luggage, including Divinefire, Modest Attraction, Golden Resurrection and many more. His primary focus of the band, he always returns to – is the however, Narnia. They play melodic metal spiced with a lot of power, and the indisputable focus and the focal point is Jesus, and how mega cool, he just is. Is not so much the religious aspect, so don't worry; the music can easily stand alone.

Melodic metal from the top drawer

The last time, hr. Liljegren was featured here on the page, was in connection with the release of Metal For Jesusis a compilation of songs from five of his bands. Despite the few bright spots was the disc a pretty boring game, and the undersigned reviewer gave it four skulls. This time, however, there is more of them in the bag, for the Narnias seventh and self-titled album moves actually quite fine.
With a lot of powerful elements borrowed from the classic power metal succeed the Narnia premier show to create some fine melodic metal. Here is a really nice riffs, a thumping skilled bass player and generally just a super tight band. The production is also straight in the eye, and finally is Christian Liljegren a formidable singer with an impressive record and a voice that fits perfectly to the genre.
The record opens with the incredibly catchy "Reaching For The Top", who have a – albeit slightly corny – really catchy chorus. It is followed by "I Still Believe", after which no one is in doubt how much Christian Liljegren love Jesus. For some this will be reason enough to throw the disc far away. It is far from all that appears, Jesus-metal is the case, but if you can ignore this and close your ears for the text, the music is actually pretty cool. Be preserved, it becomes difficult to sit the text ignored the almost vamle and extremely salvation-pasted a number of "Thank You", but in outline, owe it to the fans of good, solid melodic metal on this record a listen.

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