Necrophaze - Wednesday 13

Morgue than words

Despite a few wrong-headed is Necrophaze a good game of horror, that almost reaches the level of 2017's Condolences. The record is packed with references to the'80s, filminspirationen is all over the place, and Wednesday delivers one of his strongest vokalpræstationer in several years. Moreover, the many guest musicians a living universe, and especially Roy Mayorgas keyboard provides a cool effect. Are you into 80's ernostalgi, the horror movie and the stupid puns, you should immediately invest in Necrophaze!

Ups and downs

Joseph Poole aka Wednesday 13 is a hardworking man and I have great respect for. Since the beginning of the 90's, he has created horrorinspireret heavy, first with Maniac Spider Trash and Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 and, subsequently, with the relatively successful Murderdolls. Along the way, he has also played in a sea of småbands, and in 2005 he beat real, that he would be solomusiker. The debut Transylvania 90210 and the follow-up Fang Bang gave him a good start in the new career, but – and let's just be honest – subsequently, there have been pretty few and far between snapsene. Neither Skeletons, Calling All Corpses The Dixie Dead or the Monsters of the Universe have managed to make a lasting impression, but in 2017, there was again something: With Condolences laid Wednesday the style a bit, and he proved that he is still relevant on the other side of the 00's. The album was more serious, had lots of clout, and now the big question, of course, for the duke's eighth album, Necrophaze, can follow suit.

Come out and plague

Have you followed just a bit in Wednesday 13's life, you know that he recently has undergone a big lifestyle change: He has put sprutten on the shelf, lost several kilos and works in the whole, healthier and happier. Wednesday is, in other words 'grown up', and it is likely, therefore, that his music has changed in character.

On Necrophaze we also meet a more mature side of Wednesday – but the overarching themes remain the 80's erhorror, mass murderers and kitschy allusions to movies. The fascination of old morbid angel is distinct from the first cutting, the interesting "Necrophaze": On a bed of soft synths provide Alice Cooper spoken words, and it feels as if we enter directly into a John Carpenter-creation. After one and a half minutes yesterday the music really started, and Wednesday 13's well known he followed her round dominates the picture. The vocals are strong, the number is fun, and the album is launched in quite an effective manner.

During the Wednesday visit of a lot of guest musicians, which all helps to give a nice dynamism and a good unpredictability. On the "Monster" delivers Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) a klædelig kvindevokal, on "Be Warned" creator Jeff Clayton (Antiseen) of pure horror, and on the energetic W. A. S. P.-cover "Animal (Fuck Like a Beast)" looking Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom) past. Other highlights of the guitararbejdet on "Zodiac" and the peculiar "Bring Your Own Blood" – a number that may, in fact, is more fun than good.

Unfortunately keeps Necrophaze not all the way: "Tie Me a Noose" as well as "Life Will Kill Us All" is both the boring side, and "The Hearse" will be the potential never really redeemed; the number's nice and heavy – it reminds a lot about Cradle of Filth – but the chorus is simply for skabelonskåret and no matter. Ugh.

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