Niddikter - Fimbultyr

Tr00 be or not tr00 be

But how can a band both disappoint and excite at the same time, are you thinking about? I really have to tell you. The drawers in the sense, I compare Niddikter with their last release, and the other bands who adhere to the black/viking genre, such as Jotunspor, Månegarm and Thyrfing. I hate having to admit this, but I feel it is too easily accessible and not dark enough. But it excites me at the same time, as it still is a good experience to find a band that has very much embraced the concept and singing in Swedish. So it is definitely approved, although I had wanted me, they had held the tongue straight in your mouth and let death be death.

Dear child has many names

Fimbultyr is in norse mythology one of Odin's many epithets and means something in the direction of the mighty god, and already from the name we can rule out a sea of genres. I'm always nyfigen to hear something metal, that deal with scandinavian history, since I'm interested in both, and therefore I have been looking forward very much to hearing Niddikter through. Fimbultyr is a relatively new band compared to so many other bands within the type of metal, but it will, I venture to sacrifice an eye on, you can't hear.

Black or just very dark?

For d'gentlemen Fimbultyr plays eddersparkme good, although I think it lags a little with their black once in a while, and it is due to be viking a la Amon Amarth. And it is definitely not bad, but it seems to me a little too easy, compared to so many other viking-/black-bands. For example, memories trommerundgangen on "Oförgätlig Erinran" strongly about the aforementioned Swedish vikingemelodødsmetallere, and several times along the way, I feel they have drawn a little too much to the template. But even though I several times along the way the feel, they forget, they are a black metal band, there are fortunately a lot to be excited about in this, their second album. Lead singer Christofer Säterdal have an almost animalistic vocals that do well in this context, and on the track "Bergtagen Of Sadness" he sings for us, and get almost good from it. I say almost, because he's not big sangtalent, but I can sense what it is he is trying to achieve with his "clean" vocals, so I accept the outcome – simply because it is so good a number. It is melodic and rigorously composed, the transitions from the various passages is smooth and bears the marks of having been inspired by other, less pagan forms of black. A number such as "Lindisfarne" got me up out of the chair with his tremendously catchy intro, which to my delight turns out to appear several times in the song, and it reminds me even on a less psychotic version of "Elthe Kyrie" with Rotting Christ.

There are several places along the way where I feel like they can't decide what they really want to play, but I forgive them, because what they play is really quite good. F. ex. is "Skåda Hels Arms" really fat, and it marchinspirerede piece gives excellent sense in combination with the subsequent classic black-piece and is one of the highlights on the plate. In conclusion, I am equal parts fascinated and confused by the last track entitled "Hedningens Time". It offers a wide and almost gentle intro, complete with acoustic guitar and flute playing – the atmospheric is not an unknown size within black metal, but it seems initially a bit misplaced. However, since it is being merged with metallen, and it ends anyway good, for no matter what you want to say about their sources of inspiration, is the result approved.

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