Nightbringers - The Black Dahlia Murder

The best of two worlds

They have not reinvented themselves, or death metal, but to gengælhar they honed their respective skills, and the result is tremendously satisfying. In spite of having known them for several years and enjoyed the times I seen them perform live – the last as late as at Copenhell this summer, I have never taken the time to put me so much into their music, which I now realize is a mistake. They still have the elements in their music, I appreciate, on the numbers I already had in the rotation, but with the Nightbringers , they have added a new darkness to their sound.

The american death metal darlings strikes again

Madness over Michigan

The Black Dahlia Murder is, commercially speaking, a bit of a rarity on the american scene. The majority of their seven releases have all appeared on the Billboard Top 200 and even as high as number 31 back in 2011. But upon closer inspection it is in no way as lyttervenligt, as mainstream success suggests. And with the Nightbringers' genesis we can observe that lyttervenligt, it never will be.

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content

They are often, mistakenly, been classified as deathcore, and even though I can feel a certain similarity between them and the harder version of this subgenre is to look at the dog on the hairs to judge them deathcore. They are more melodic than the bands, otherwise they would be put in the crib, and the hand on the heart, then The Black Dahlia Murder are far more sophisticated in their musical dna. You also can not get outside of Jacob Hansen, who has had a finger in the game here. It could of course also be used to explain the scandinavian flair and the razor-sharp sound, which completes an album, you can cut – which goes well with the slasher theme. Vocals and music are perfect afstemmet in pitch and intensity, they compliment each other, and at no time, it feels like a battle for the listener's attention.

"Matriarch" is an excellent example of one can be macabre without falling into hyper-explicit splat (a la Cannibal Corpse. As a mother, I was repelled and affected by the theme and the included graphic descriptions, but as a metalfan, I like the way the story was told – both with the wording and composition of not only music, but lyrics as well. "Jars" is a frantic, fast-paced and with discrete drums, which, despite their underspillethed, is crucial for the sentiment in the song. Just the title itself evokes a subconscious thrill, and a variety of unpleasant images in my mind's eye, for the whole of the record is imbued with an explosive and a malicious version.Trevor is a formidable storyteller, and although I haven't yet learned to decipher his fierce growls, I know, there awaits a treasure chest ahead, when the internet goes along to embody the words digitally.
In addition, he is also a terrific frontman, possessing a good flow, both in her singing growl, but also in the more guttural outpourings. It is immediately very typical american death, even though the band has been inspired by a variety of Swedish bands – including The Gates. The scandinavian heritage will not deny on the Nightbringers, but they have only implemented it in their music to the extent that it occurs as a nod in the swedes ' direction and not as a outright rip off. That is not being held again, and the whole album exudes a bloodthirsty and mareridstagtig atmosphere, there is one already on the cover, which is held in the blood red and is designed by the same artist who is responsible for the Slaughter Of The Soul , yes, you guessed it, To The Gates.

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