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No One Can Save You From Yourself - Walls Of Jericho

Not great art - but it is effective

No One Can Save You From Yourself is awesome well produced, very well-acted, and quite simply a really good hardcore album. Now is releases in

for this genre, probably just what they are and never intended to be great art, but I miss now anyway a little more depth, a bit more layers and some more quirky nuances. Here comes hardcore full, hardcore should sound, but like a really great hotel room can be a flashy good-looking and impressive at first glance, so it will not take so long before it seems sterile and a little kønsløst. But up in the cavity with the - miss you new music to go riot to at home in the living room, so is this plate perfectly.

Not great art, but good, old-fashioned, effective, hardcore

Not mentioned, but certainly not forgotten

Good old Walls of Jericho - hardcore masters from Detroit - have had a break in no less than eight years, while frontkvinde Candace Kucsulain has worked on sideprojektet The Beautifuls together with her husband. Stylistically, nothing has happened much since they were current with The American Dream in 2008, but never mind, never mind - No One Can Save You From Yourself is a great many points right, as it should be.

Tremendously great-sounding

In know it for sure: When the damned good hardcore experienced live, is blown you away in the pits of other like-minded mud-trampere, gets his mandatory beating, it splits an eye, losing his glasses and breaks maybe a few bones. It is impossible to remain calm when the music is just right!

You stand alone at home in the living room with the new washer from the Walls of Jericho is the man, in contrast to the above example, in any degree of safety. But here one is tempted nevertheless to clobber imaginary enemies in the floor with clenched fists, while headbanger's uninhibited, falling into his bookshelf, the lynx to the cat and doing a one-man circlepit. Detroit-the band certainly has fat in the long end, and it with a plate that, to put it mildly sounds pissegodt; Five riffs, d-beats and breakdowns throughout, as well as a helluva aggressive vocals form a 41-minute-long collection of really cool and hardcore. Here is nothing revolutionary to come by, but it works as it should.

Best of all is "Relentless" and afslutningsnummeret "Probably Will". The former stands out because it, to a greater degree than the rest of the plate, has a great hook and stuck in the inner ear after finishing the through listening of the plate. The latter simply because the pace is turned down and the piano and the strings have arrived in the soundscape - the quiet number, if you will - and the kind of clothes the album really well, because the rest can tend to be monotonous in its definitely really cool, but unfortunately a little too simplistic compositions.

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