Too much formula and too few good songs

"Joie De Vivre" is a good example of the formula, Novelists mostly use. It starts with a little proggy intro that goes into a nice riff with a heavy groove. It will be so interrupted by the AOR-ish verse that has the potential to send Toto-fans in ecstasy. It is followed by gradually more and more vehemently råberi. This formula works for the most part genuine fine enough, but after 3-4 songs, we know eventually the template. So, despite the many different influences, which is drawn on, it all becomes in fact a bit monotonous. Novelists are a band with many talents, but it is as if they do not fully decide what they will be, and where they want to go with their music. They have many strengths, but in the end they can't hide the fact that there is simply not enough good songs on this album. Too bad, but it will be exciting to follow them in the future, for the potential for something great is definitely there. Try to check Novelists out at Aalborg Metal Festival d. 9.-11. november.

21st Century Schizoid Metal

What do you get when you pair All That Remains, Dream Theater, U2, Toto and Linkin Park? A serious game of musical schizophrenia, many might say, but the right answer is actually the French melodic metalcore/prog metal outfit Novelists, whose second album, Noir, is published here on Friday. Novelists is a collection of very talented musicians that are not afraid to pull a number of different references into their music, and it gets rid of the actual for the most part fairly decent.

They add the traditional melodic metalcore quite a few prog-metal complexity, and the viewer like their talents on both the 8-track guitars and 5-string bass. The technical skills are there is not something to come after, nor is their melodic flair. There are plenty of 'raise-your-arms-and-sing-along'-moments here, but Noir is, however, not an album without issues. The many poppy feature, combined with the fine production, it all gets a little too smooth and kønsløst. At the same time, it is incredibly difficult to understand what the otherwise excellent lead singer Matt Gelsomino sing. This applies both to his right, pretty cleans and the more harsh vocals. Often even in the doubt, whether he sings in French or English!

The cane of the songs. Can you make it?

The first track, "L'appel du Vide", put out by a The Edge-inspired guitartema, that goes over in a delicious, slightly proggy melodic riff. Fine start, but there is actually a lot of the songs on the Noir, which starts in the same way, and it becomes a bit of a problem in the length.

The next song, "Monochrome", is a sugary ballad. Think Toto, just yet more sugar, and it is possibly the most poppy number, ever reviewed here on! It is hard to see what Novelists actually will with this song, although as already mentioned is more than enough with the poppy, melodic passages on the Noir, so clasher "Monochrome" distinctive in its unfailing popstil completely with the rest of this album.

The single "A Bitter End" is, however, a riveting game of melodic metalcore in fairly traditional style, but it is a song, that works quite well, and that shows what Novelists actually do, when it works. "Stranger Self" breaks suddenly out in a purely Linkin Park nu metal-the sequence – a true wtf-moment – but it manages the French talents, funnily enough, excellent.

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