Northern Chaos Gods - Immortal

Not their best record, but a damn good comeback!

Even though the wait has been long, we must say, however, that the Immortal, contrary to many fans' skepticism has managed to form an incredibly strong album. They have indeed proven that they can deliver music of the same high caliber without the frontman and guitarist Abbath. The album draws on elements from throughout their career, without it sounds too farfetched. We get a more melodic touch in the songs in midtempo, as well as plenty of great-for-money in the faster. Northern Chaos Gods will probably not hit the same classic status as, for example, Sons of Northern Darkness or at the Heart of the Winter, but the album is so ever-tremendously solid, and will be remembered as one of the black metallens better comebacks!

Many years of waiting...

Nine years... Yes, so long has passed since we last heard anything from the self-declared "sons of northern darkness". Immortal-fans have had something to wait on, and several had perhaps given up hope that this album should ever see the light of day. This is also understandable when one takes into account that the band's face, the charismatic Abbath, is gone, and has formed his own band. But what have we left? We are left with drummer Horgh as well as the band's main songwriter/guitarist/vocalist/bass guitarist Demonaz, who would otherwise have had a break from performing with the band due to a somewhat serious injury in the arm. It is safe to say that there is a whole lot to live up to, and a whole lot of as Immortal to prove with this album.

Everything good from repetoiret

Let me just say this to start with. There is certainly still something to come after this album – the first without Abbath. We start out straight and hard, with the lead single and the title song "Northern Chaos Gods". Riffene is so malicious as blastbeatsne is brutal, which certainly gives us a terrific start to the album. Next comes another one of the album's gems in the song "Into Battle Ride". This is also in a rapid pace and the evidence, thus, that Immortal, therefore, can be chaotic and angry, when they want it. Such! The album has, however, also another to offer, since there are quite a few songs that are in mid-tempo. This draws the mind of some of the songs, there was to find on the masterpiece at the Heart of Winter 1999.

Here, it would be obvious to take hold of the whole nine minutes long slutsang "Mighty Ravendark". But here is a bit more melodic, and we will also bid on the guitars with the clean sound. But even though the song bears the hallmarks of the band's sound on To the Heart of Winter, there are still references to previous works. The song's title is almost identical with the group's hit from the 1994 "Blashyrkh-Mighty Ravendark". For those who would wonder, what the hell "Blashyrkh" is, I can say that it is an imaginary kingdom created by the Immortal. The country is covered in snow and the cold and going again through their albums. Here is the Northen Chaos Gods , therefore also not an exception. The song "Gates to Blashyrkh" is a good example, as it is a tribute to just that.

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