Northern Memory - Tengger Cavalry

Today Randers; in the morning the whole world... Maybe!

Northern Memory is a fine album on the same level (maybe slightly higher) as the Die on My Ride and Cian Bi. The album sounds and feels like a relatively natural progression to the album, but yet it has a little more personality than the two, so it manages – despite everything – to stand out a little from them. But I miss now is still the good old days, where there was bang for your buck, and you truly felt that you listened to a band that could conquer the world. Instead you sit there a bit and feel that you are listening to a band that was happy to take Randers.

Up and down!

Being a fan of Tengger Cavalry is exciting, for you never quite know what you are up to. Is the band dissolved? Have they gotten new members? Is there a new single on the way? Or have the mon re-interpreted "War Horse" again-again? It is, in other words, a band that often has many irons in the fire and sometimes a little too many. A short time after they announced a European tour, cancelled the it again – but the kind of ups and downs is part of being a fan of Tengger Cavalry. Now we write as 2019, and it means that the Naturre and the new members have made the Northern Memory, which is the band's seventh album – maintained, if you count their cover albums and re-recordings, this is the band's 14. album.

Shred and Growl

Tengger Cavalrys two previous releases bar the clear imprint of that Naturre was moved from Beijing to New York, when the focus was moved from an asian folk-metal to the standardised, western-style metal with a little folk music as underlægning. In this sense reminiscent of the Northern Memory more on that later Tengger, but at the same time is the album a step back to the chinese releases, as the people part has been allowed to fill up a little more this time, which the garments of the album. In addition, Naturre also hired the guitarist Pat Reilly, who has a more classic shredder-approach to his instrument, which means that there actually is some pretty fine guitar solos on the album. But where the Northern Memory probably stand out the most from all of the previous releases is that Naturre has changed vocal style totally. We are now living in a very guttural, almost knurrende snarl instead of cleansinging and throat singing. So if you go through the whole band's discography, is to witness a pretty funny vocal development from the classical black-metal screams on the first releases to the throat singing and cleansinging to growl. In other words, there is something for every taste.

But, despite the fact that deep has changed, and that there are some fine solos, so reminiscent of the Northern Memory is still very, very much for both the Die on My Ride and Cian Bi. The theme is somewhat the same, so the idea of creating a global sound of the east and the west meet and create a beautiful musical covenant. And it is also a fine idea, certainly, but the result is unfortunately a little vattet, and you sit a bit and feel that the album is neither bird or fish. There is a greater focus on the eastern component, which in my opinion is a good thing, for it is the little the, the band is known for. But it will be accompanied by the same mid-tempo 00's-esque nu-metal riffs, which does not fully works.

In addition, there are 11 tracks on the album, and most of them are under three minutes long. It means that the album is only 33 minutes long – it seems a little premature. Why not write a seven-eight songs and have made them longer and more magnificent?

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