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Norwegian Fairytales - Trollfest

The last word

(V) The sortner for your eyes and mind beginning to pass quickly through your head. Trollfestuniverset is vibrant as never before, and the dark middelalderfortællinger on Norwegian Fairytales have bright, clear and strong out of the band's mixed discography. The conduct of the German phrases and a general well-rounded songwriting has made her to shine the very careful blend of folk-songs, superstitions, balkan music, kaosbreaks and vanvidsvokal, which at times threatens to tear the numbers apart from each other. Trollfest remains nichemusik, but have provided a plate, which binds the merger together on the amplified show. The only three kranieslag in nature, leaving the plate with 7/10 velskalperede kristenkranier.

Bid magic welcome

The sharp scent of the pines blows to the attack against your nostrils on this hot summer day. The nålebeklædte land below you slopes steeply down the hillside, and the mountains rising abruptly over the wilderness. The wind rusken in the canopy and the fresh skovluft is a much needed contrast to your otherwise sometimes stressful modern lives. A weak sum of an accordion catches your ears in the middle of the walk along the narrow forest path. You look around and see a trace of footprints in the forest – imprints of some obsessively big feet – before you localise the sound. Suddenly, a number of fandenivoldske scream from the forest in front of you on the nordmands-broken German. What is your next move?

(I) Turn about and flee from the mysterious scenario. (II) Go to the dangerous scream in the meeting. (III) Leave the path, to the benefit of the merry sum.

Merrily, crooked and evil

(I) Without having to look over your shoulder facing you and runs back along the path. But you are already caught by the Trollfests medieval world. Small christmas hats breaks nåleskovens substrates, and their ejermænd, "Fjøsnisserne" prefer kristenkød forward for rice pudding. You stumble near over three alkoholdunstende goats, "The Three Bukkende Berusa", that the unconscious sleep the intoxication off the edge of the dark forest. The schadenfreude scream echoes still farther away, and you survive with barely this confrontation with middelalderdramaet, Trollfest have conjured up around you. Go to (IV).

(II) Despite the cursing scream about the christian influences and threats on the roll of the stool, skewer, spinal tap and the cold druknedød, you move forward, fascinated by the vanvidsvokalen. And to the sound of "Kjettaren mot Flow"s dark humorous poetry confronted with a squinting, gråhudet figure. The high-frequency scream is based on the same force as landsbrødrene in Kvelertak, and after a little getting used to, they can be just as joyous, as the deep dødsgrowls can be. Especially with the quirky phrases the troll in front of you fires off, will the wood you will have a completely authentic middelalderhistorie, who captivates you right until the magician directs your left shoulder and threatening to tear you from each other. This is the third time you take damage, you have now lost consciousness and can go to (V). Otherwise, you must escape back the path you came from and go to (In).

(III) the Branches flick across your bare upper arms, as you move into the tætstående fyrretræstammer. Ahead of you get harmonikamelodierne joined by crisp saxofonlyd, and in the midst of the folk music grabs the distinctive and rhythmic drum rhythms fat. Out of the tree line tumbles you into a clearing, where the tents in all the colors of the rainbow is turned up. The source of the music becomes apparent in the form of no less than seven, dressed bearded men, who play from a scene in the middle of the tent camp. The music changes style with polkarytmiske beats, and the audience in front of the stage throw away the empty cups of beer and jumping off in the merry dance to the song "Trine Reinlender", which now sounds from the stage. Genreforvirringen is total, since a hectic breakdown abruptly replaces the harmonic music, and the lead singer screaming breaks out in the Norwegian middelalderhistorier. The chaos threatens to drag the songs from each other, but folkeinstrumenterne, feststemningen and fadøllene acts as glue for the insane undertaking. And also for you, until a halvtømt cup hit you in the right eye socket, as you look up. This is the third time you take damage, you have now lost consciousness, and must go to (V). Otherwise, rounded off the concert with a slightly groggy feeling, and you're heading back into the forest with renewed courage. Go to (II).

(IV) An alluring sound of the Norwegian kvindevokal bring the fresh skovluft in the vibrations. The melody is beautiful, but the words "the Devil shall flee" (Damn Flies) gives the breathtaking voice of a gothic undertone. Nevertheless, it maintains your curiosity, and you leave the path, to the benefit of the forest's alluring darkness. As you get closer the sound, the tones guitarmelodier forward in the distance. The melodies moves up and down the well-known folkemusiske scales, but jumps sometimes out in the more progressive eastern-tinged melodies. This creates confusion in your before the targeted mind. And where is the beautiful kvindevokal gone? The trees around you look dangerously similar, and it dawns on you that you don't have a clue where you are. Kvindestemmen has tricked you into trouble, and now heralds the frenetic drum beat in the Balkans-the rhythms of accident ahead. With the long wait to play "the Nix and Fossegrimen opp to midnattstimen", and a heavy riff hits your head like a wooden mallet. This is the third time you take damage, you have now lost consciousness and can go to (V). Otherwise, calling a weak underlying an accordion for your ears. You grabs the opportunity and flees in this sound direction. Go to (III).

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