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Of Jupiter And Moons - Temperance

But is there not any error?

No and the yet. But it is just as much my fun-OCD, which will enter into force there. Here I have something with the setup of the tracks on the album; I have something with the order, and here in the Of Jupiter and Moons there is something wrong there.

The numbers on the album, as a stand-alone good and works fine and could easily, within the genre, creating some hits here and there. But I think that it's weird to end an album with a song title like "Daruma's Eyes (Pt. 1)". Preserved, it could be interpreted in such a way that Pt. 2 come on the next album, but why even make the spoiler? In addition, when you have to share a song in several parts, so you should do it on the same album - not for the last.

It is so because you want to make a concept album, but gave up halfway? The questions are all of a sudden, many a time, it just had to enjoy the music and not think too much about what was going on and why such a choice was taken. The game of confusion does, unfortunately, that we will end up on the nine skulls, which is also not to be sneezed at.

It is the entire three things

Temperance falls within the group of melodic bands, which are fuelled by groups such as Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation, Lullacry, and the like. I am writing from, because they take the tradition of the epic melodic world and develop it to a world called modern melodic metal, where we also see today a band like Amaranthe. The difference is the use of several different voices: a female clean, male clean, and a male growl, in the same setup. It provides a uniqueness of the performance, especially live, where the interaction between the three voices have to be spot on every time.

It went right strong enough?

Of Jupiter and Moons is the band's fourth album and with barely five years old it is easy to see that they have been busy with that spit music out. When at the same time, has been a part replacement, which forward to the new album, is shifted out on the female voice and on the drums, it's easy to imagine that Of Jupiter and Moons would be somewhat touch and be rushed through by the production company.

But it is not. With Alessia Scoletti as the female vocals we will be led into a world of epic dramas and typical Italian grandiose guitar riffs, while at the same time is put a background of drums of the only 22-year-old Alfonso Mocerino. Especially in the "We Are Free" is a feel to the drums, how they accompany Alessias voice and how that voice works with the other two to create a harmony that is rarely seen.

As I said, it is their fourth album in a good five years, and you might think that it would then go for strong and that there would be places where the production could not quite follow or that the votes were not sharp all the way through. But it is not at all talking about; right from the first track, "The Last Hope in a World of Hopes", it is all straight, the voices are sharp and the mood is laid for what it is, we must experience the next three quarter.

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