Ofidians Manifest - Kampfar

Kampfar sounds like Kampfar must

As a reviewer it is often the easiest solution is to point to the bands, who recalls it, is to report. It provides a reference, which the reader can relate to, and maybe it works even as a kind of information to consumers: Is there anything here, you will want to invest in? Fine enough, but to put musicians and their expression in the crib on the way can sometimes seem unfair and limiting. And that is exactly the case with Ofidians Manifest. For on this terrific album sounds Kampfar as Kampfar – and Kampfar doing manic, punket and knaldhamrende Norwegian black. And it should, in fact, be fully sufficient as supplied. Purchase!

Kampfar is combative

One of the probably a little overlooked Norwegian black metal band, Kampfar, have just released their 8. album Ofidians Manifest. They released their first demo back in 1995, but has in spite of generally pretty high quality not reflected in the same degree as many of their contemporaries from the then black-the wave took off in Norway. The previous response Behavior from 2015, we gave all 10/10, but the illness and death set in the beginning of 2017, a stop for Kampfars on the rise. Now the group is ready again, and let us just beat stuck with the same, to Ofidians Manifesto is a really strong comeback.

About snakes, vengeful women, and The Black

The ancient greeks called snakes for "ophidia", as the album title indicates that we need to start with something about the creeps and tvetungethed, and it is also a theme that recurs on both the cover and several of the album's songs. It is now quite difficult to keep the focus on the lyrics, the music, Kampfar coming up with, are so damn compelling and insistent. Already on åbningsnummeret you hear the band's distinctive, almost punk attitude, but also their sense of both melody and groove. With magnificent sound and frantic tremolo riffing style is along the Necrophobic and a little Immortal you can hear it also, especially in the lead singer Dolks hoarse snarl.

On the "Dominance" gets the female vocals the listener to think about the girl, Mr. Gein locked inside of Slayer's "Dead Skin Mask", mon has come back to take revenge on an unjust and male-dominated world? It is successful on the way for Kampfar to create both a creepy and very successful number. The album's, and indeed the year, best album, available on "Natt" and is actually fairly traditional, but it is used in several different ways along the way. Listen for example to the heavy C-piece, where the riff almost imperceptibly introduced into the bottom of the soundscape in order to eventually take completely over in a furious crescendo that lasts the song out. "Natt" is thus really greatly composed and one of the manifest absolute highlights.

The traditional black become across the album's seven songs, supplemented in small doses with different musical variations: Several short piano pieces (for example, on "Natt") and variations of the chorus (for example, on the "Erimitt"). With afslutningsnummeret "Black" serves the obvious norwegians as acoustic guitar and a little symphonic, lir, without in any way going Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth in it. On the other hand there are several passages that sound pretty much like Solstafir, both because of the atmosphere and not least the drummer Ask Tys distinctive vocals. "Black" is a beautiful conclusion to a fantastic album.

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