Our Journey [ep] - Frosttide

Plenty of epic atmosphere from the Finnish folk metal Frosttide is a Finnish folk metal band with an epic feel. Latest EP from the band called Our Journey and contains five cosy numbers. There is no doubt that Frosttide have downloaded its inspiration from bands like Ensiferum and Wintersun, for Our Journey includes many symphonic and epic elements. The drums have a blackmetal touch, while the guitar has a more classic people cut ala the Wintersun uses, while the vocals are of the more stodgy kind of deep and hoarse character, without, however, never to shout or growle. In addition, there are several underlying symphonic elements, which helps to give the music an epic feel. The instrumentielle passenger on the dial is fairly simple. Especially the guitar runs in an almost constant track, which sometimes added to the riffs. On the one hand is good, for it creates a context and red thread through the album. In turn, it has also the disadvantage that the tracks lack variation, and it is only when the pace is pulled completely out and the guitar get an acoustic sound, to the variation comes. These pieces are, in turn, and really cool, and especially on the last track "No Turning Back", it works really well. On the whole, Our Journey is a really good initiative, and I look forward to hearing more from Frosttide. They have something that works really well, and with a little more experience and variation, their next album will be quite sublime. Tracklist: 1. Enemy Is Back 2. Carefree Village 3. Face Your Demons 4. Assault 5. No Turning Back

Here is my personal favorite track from the disc, No Turning Back. Especially notice temposkiftet in this issue.

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