Outsider - Uriah Heep

Something for everyone

The canadian outsiders in Comeback Kid has committed is an album that will surely attract new fans and delight old ones. The hard mixed with the soft, and the result is quite impressive. My only appeal is that the washer is slightly front loaded – but it is in bagatelafdelingen! Comeback Kid will continue the awesome development.

Absolute top condition

Canadian Comeback Kid is one of those bands that just gets better and better for each album, they spit out. Now they reached to number six in the series, and the big question is of course whether they can continue the good luck streak. Let us take a look at the Outsider.

Against the tide

The five boys in Comeback Kid has never been afraid to give the rigid genre conventions the finger and do exactly what suits them. This is also the case in the Outsider, where the volume is turned up the melodic elements. The band manages thus to avoid the usual – and sometimes the right one-lane – hardcore, where it just needs to be fast and angrily. Points for it! Already on the second cutting, "Surrender Control", the evidence of the boys, that they dare to screw a tad down the pace in the chorus, which the song comes to its right; there are sing-along-factor for all the money. In "Hell of a Scene" goes there almost Blink 182 in it, and in the topfede track "Somewhere, Somehow" delivers the band in a magnificent chorus that really hangs on.

Intersections such as these is to make the plate very lyttervenlig – also for people who usually are not hardcore. But fear not, the hardcore fan, the Outsider also offers copious amounts of pace, in-your-face vocals and rip-roaring guitar. Albumåbneren "Outsider" is a perfect example of modern hardcore; the drums are far forward in the mix, the production is crisp, and the chorus is borne by the fællesråb and an aggressive guitar riff. Also we get with the impactful "I'll Be That" lots of cry and pace.

Yet a strength of this plate is frontman Andrew Neufeld; his vocals have never been stronger. On the Outsider he mixes perfectly the aggressive and punk tones with the restrained and melodic. In addition, his voice both edge and depth. The remaining band members also provide a solid piece of work. Hear just the amazing riff in "Absolute" – a track where none other than Devin Townsend, incidentally, sings with.

As the icing on the cake is the production – as suggested – utterly approved. The sound is noticeably more refined than the typical hardcore records, but the intensity and the nerve is still there. A production like this clothes, really the quintet, and the melodic feature are allowed to fill, as they should.

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