Paraphiliac - Infernal Poetry

Innovative and nicely

In the past, Infernal Poetry just another one of the Italian undergrundsbands, but after a lot of activity in Europe with bands like Dismember, Rotting Christ and Behemoth, so have Infernal Poetry formed itself a strong image. They are of their own style and mix with elements from both Swedish melodies and american brutality. They started in 1996 as the Necronomicon, but changed in 1997 its name to Infernal Poetry. They are now sending their music out to the whole world, in which they release their long anticipated album Paraphiliac.

The album starts out with the easier mood-intro "Preliminaries", which slowly goes over in the hard-hitting riff and drums in the song "Stumps". It moves then in the groovye elements, but there are also bits of more melodic riff. It is, however, really come to know is Paolo Ojetti's powerful vocals, which recalls the part of the deceased vokslist Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence, but with a more serious and deeper tone. The number is both heavy and fast, and has variations of different rhythms and themes. We are moving subsequently over in the song "In Glorious Orgy", which completely changed the theme. The number has a very powerful approach and runs a fat groove, while the next is running a rather melodic guitar. It is one of the numbers, where one can't help but to go crazy, because even though it is a fairly simple number, so they get it really filled out. After the chaos and fury it goes over in the quiet bass and epic guitar, and this is one of those things then do Infernal Poetry extraordinary: they may be in the middle of the songs completely change the rhythm or theme and therefore give the listener a bit of a surprise. Infernal Poetry reminds a part about Gojira's behavior, with changing rhythms and themes.

Infernal Poetry himself says that the play Schizo death metal and yes, it is true any strange things that may show up in their music, but it is one of the things that delight the album so much. There are songs like "Barf Together" and "Everything Means 'In"' which really shows the hard side, but also songs like "The Miss Treated", where the synthetic elements pops up, which makes it a mystery. By giving the music a more strange way the music becomes also a lot more interesting, and it reminds a lot about the mixture of heavy metal and fesne tunes as the band Trepalium also makes use of.

The energy of their music may remind you of Lamb Of god's, for they also also filled their music out completely and does not let anything go in vain. Especially Paolo Ojetti's vocals may remind you of Randy Blythe's, however, in which a slightly younger version. There are both pieces of Metal/Deathcore and groove metal together in Paraphiliac, if the hardness of it goes to a super heavy album. At the same time with their way to give the music a twist, which means that they can remind you of French bands like Gojira and Trepalium.

Paraphiliac is a successful album, not just because they master their instruments 100%, but because their music is innovative and can really offer new notes to the new modern music industry.

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