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Penalty By Perception - Artillery

The best slice since...

Artillery in my ears never released a bad disc. And in this instance they may have even released their best since ... well maybe since By Inheritance? It is big words, but I have simply fallen head over heels for the disc here, and it has more than difficult to leave the player! Are you into thrash, and if you are Artillery, so there is only one thing to do: to invest, and it is RIGHT NOW!

The artillery roars on the new

I never did seriously for artilleristernes last album Legions. It was in my ears a little too power metal-inspired, though the crisp riffs were present. So it was with excitement that I put the ears in this new sacrifice, and fortunately I can announce that the Artillery is left on the thrashsporet. From the first introriff on the track "In Defiance of Conformity" to be consulted, that the Artillery is back in the game, they master the best. Convicted unmitigated thrashfest, and the plate is smækfyldt with signaturriffs, which makes you not a second in doubt that it is Artillery, you're listening to. I was also a little sceptical in relation to the choice of man, and of the Legions-the disc, I was not entirely comfortable with Michael Bastholm Dahl's expression, but when I hear the new washer, I think in reality, it was more about the music than his vocals, for in essence, he sings the not different on the Penalty by Perception, but it just seems as if he has fatter and, above all, more thrashet material to sing up in the mod, and he does excellent!!! His vocals are very melodic, and actually more power/heavy metal-sounding than brutal thrashet, but the fit just perfect for the new Artillery numbers.

The flagship will sail again

As you can read above, I'm thrilled! Thrilled that the band returns with a vital slice, as it is the case, thrilled that they are once again sailing out as the UK's flagship thrash, and showing where the locker should stand! I also love the production, which is nice and shaved, the sounds of thrash, and especially guitarlyden is so sharp that it cuts great humpler of the eardrum of the listener. All the numbers on the dial have their own characteristics, and you can't help to hum along to the catchy thing the band manages to throw into their musical blender. My favorites are the title track "Live by the Scythe (which is also videonummeret – see below), and their powerballade "When the Magic Is Gone" is also brilliant, and here it shows Michael really, everything he can with his vocals, and it is so awesome!! But the entire disc flows over with great tracks!!!

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