Phantom Anthem - August Burns Red

August Burns Red are trying too hard, and the skill is lost on aimlessly album.

It's not just a Slime-band
August Burns Red is a funny band. They are all blatantly christian and incorporates into between their religious beliefs in their texts. But the gospel, it is no way. They fall also in the category of metalcore, albeit the more melodic kind. The label has, as such, they also do nothing against, but strangely enough, it's not a genre they otherwise care very much about. So you can argue about whether the outcome at all, the time is worth it when they play something, they technically don't like.

The band with many faces
But far along the road it is a little too simplistic to label them as being part of a homogeneous mass. The melodic aspect shines through in the solid opens "King Of Sorrow", and you nod automatically with. It is well-balanced in its alternation between the straightforward and the nørklede. The bass is, as the past has been, quite distinctive and stands clear as a key element. Bøllekoret in the background being cemented by forsangerens indebrændte vocals that at no time is clean – a bit of a rarity in this type of subgenre. "Hero Of The Half Truth" features a black metal-inspired guitar, which caused me to nod satisfied, it goes excellent in-hand with their other expressions and creates a bit of contrast, the numbers in between."The Frost" is a positive and harmonious case with a super good flow, and the text gives the relation between form and content, even though it feels a bit soggy in its opløftethed – but it will, I attribute my love for angry metal. "Quake" on the other hand is tangent to the genereriske core concept, something that definitely doesn't protect them. It lacks the charm of the harmonies, which are sprinkled out over the plate with the round hand. However, took an abrupt pace and rytmeskift me by storm and proved that even though you are not trying to push the boundaries, you can still play good metal. I'm actually a little sorry I didn't saw them at Copenhell, for I think they deliver a great show live. Their commitment to burn through, and they are undoubtedly skilled musicians, both individually and as a unit.

Regrettably, goes the gas a little bit of the balloon, as the album progresses. The originality is diminishing, something I attribute to the fact they are leaving the first part of the disc's more melodic and searching content, for the benefit of something a little more conventional, albeit still well played, the songs. Having said that, there are also times, where I may take me a bit to my furrowed brow. "Generation" is a languid and sexless portion of nu metal with Barcode-inspired drums. Add a game solemnly emotionalism with a Mike Shinoda-inspired spoken word monologue, and you get an "edgy" P. O. D. And it is one of the big problems with this plate. For even though they oscillate on the metalcore scale, is the combined result in one big hotchpotch of all sorts of other bands than themselves. My list counts bands such as 36 Crazyfists, Lamb Of god, Born Of Osiris in their Bring Me The Horizon-period of time and, of course, Bring Me The Horizon. However, I will point out that their more melodic moments are reminiscent of Within The Ruins – especially on the disc's opening number and it gives returns in the form of the ability to make melodic metalcore, to something that is their own.

For known for I have the right:
August Burns Red is a band with many irons in the fire, purely musical. But white never will, as they simply have incorporated too many elements on the plate. There are many good moments and sequences, that reveals a creative vein, but overall, missing the Phantom Anthem a stance. It is a little of this and a little of that, and the lack of a relationship between the elements, which could give the album a more clear direction.

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