Pinnacle Of Bedlam - Suffocation (USA)

New Yorkers are still technical brutal dødsmetals masters

Suffocation are among dødsmetallens veterans and are in many ways pioneers for the technical brutal death metal. They recognized most of the classics Effigy of the Forgotten and Pierced from Within, which the enough must be said to be very tough to beat. Their latest album Pinnacle of Bedlam, I must say, blastbeater directly up at the same klassikerværdige level as these.

Åbningsnummeret "Cycles of Suffering" starts right on and hard in a blastbeat-based verse, and provided that otherwise, the class death in the best of Suffocation-style. Thus, it offers a fairly technical music, delivered with a brutality and precision, as one can only envy. Tradition contains each number plenty of riffs, and the listener will be pampered with lots of shifts and stunning guitar solos. One of Suffocations trademarks is that they do not bleach to throw in some hardcore riffs in now and then, and this is cheating the listener not to (check out for example, "Eminent Wrath" and "As Grace Descends").

After Mike Smith left the band last year (for the second time) Dave Culross taken over on the drums (also for the second time), and he does it incredibly well on this disc. His drumming is both brutal and dynamic, which especially comes forward in "Purgatorial Punishment". The rest of the band delivers, of course, also the goods, and the production is without being polished quite well-defined so that you can properly hear all the details.

Pinnacle of Bedlam is one of the best I have heard from Suffocation in a long time. There is talk about a cornucopia of good old fashioned death(smetal) and destruction.

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