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Stronger than ever

Much water has flowed under the bridge since the first album Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child". There is not a single member from the first album intact in the Norma Jean-the formation of the day. The closest one gets to a fixed member, is the lead singer Cory Brandan, who came to power as the predecessor Josh Scogian chose to pursue other projects after the release of the first opus. There have been some changes in the band, where by guitarist Chris Day chose to leave the skiff, which, however, is anything but sinking. Actually Norma Jean never been stronger than they are today, and it is Polar Similar an excellent example of this. They have had a hard time making themselves particularly noted for their fabulous release Redeemer from 2006, but they have really made a name for himself with this fantastic release!

Mean Norma Jean

Polar Similar is the seventh studio album from the hard hitting metalcore group, as in the dawn of time had an ambition to be more chaotic than coherent. Scogian added several hardcore elements to their music and their stage show, but with time these have been swapped out with the more harmonic and controlled sound. Polar Similar salute all the parts welcome, as the band has experimented with over time, but with significantly more stone than the previous slices.

There is thought about every detail on this album, for example, is åbningsnummeret written in order to be opening. It is very atypical to write a song with the specific purpose to be the first on the album. The track is called "I. The Planet" and start out with to build the mood quiet and calm. The drums set the pace, then the guitars build up more and more on the soundstage, where it finally explodes with Brandans vocals. The number gives a perfect definition of what is in store on the rest of the album, and sets the right atmosphere.

After the brilliant start, it continues over in the song "Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else", which continues the hard-hitting metalcore-hitparade with a gloomy and aggressive number. It is really a superb document, which also affirms that the Brandans vocals are better than ever. His scream and clean vocals, in interaction with the intensiverende sound, skip the scale for what they have made. And it continues on the rest of the plate, however, also sets the pace down a bit along the way, but increases the catchy riffs on the track "1.000.000 Watts". That the mood is more dark than before is implied in the number "II. The People", which is a clip from a nummerstation, which was used to communicate with spies during The Cold War. It is tremendously creepy and fits perfectly to the ambiance, which is laid on the album. Much has been done on the various numbers to create the dark mood, and it can really be felt. It is a super cool album, and I could immerse myself detailed into each single number, but then I could be at. It never gets monotonous, as the numbers vary from the extravagant "Synthetic Sun" for the ten-minute-long journey in the song "IV. The Nexus". There is also the oceans of the old aggressiveness to track in tracks like "Dead Is A Living Partner" and "Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda". I get chills when I think of these numbers, the E-M-I-N-E-N-T!

An absolute must have!

I am simply blown over by this album, and I can't stress enough how much you must not miss this album. It is a milestone in the band's almost 20 year long career and completely excellent from start to finish. The musical ensemble, which today form the Norma Jean, led by Cory Brandan, has done a damn good job, and the rewards I, of course, with ten skulls. THANK you, Norma Jean! It is, without comparison, this year's release for my own, and I have refound my love for this extremely sympathetic and amazing band.

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