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Pounding The Pavement - Anvil

Battered metal alloy

The band may have value for the avid fans, who have been with us from the start, but for new listeners sound Anvil on this album as a selvparodi. After so many years, it is understandable that the same youthful spark no longer can jump from the music, but then let en be the playing as thick on the youth, as it had bite even thirty years ago. The end of the plate works a little better than the first half, and as a recognition of this makes Pounding The Pavement four skulls.

We are approaching a golden wedding

The band anvil's story began in 1973, when frontman Steve "Lips" Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner started a highschoolband. In the eighties began the canadian quartet to throw the records out. Close to the release of Metallica's Kill 'em All hit the Anvil top with the song and the album "Metal On Metal". In addition to this release is the band's perhaps biggest achievement, to have kept on the exact two gentlemen, who in his time started the band. After 45 years, the band has still not been on hiatus, and has built up an impressive stack of 17 releases, as well as the film "Anvil! The Story of Anvil", which in 2008 gave the group a new timeliness.

You have heard it before

Anvil plays speedmetal. A genre that lives on in the thrash and power, but that one might have suspected for the longest time it was shut down. It will, however, refuted by this release. Ancient metal hammer is still out of the speakers when Pounding The Pavement putting in the time with the "Bitch In The Box". A song, where a good grumpy "Lips" finds out... his GPS. Later in the album, you can hear the speech as "Nothing will stop [me], not even a cop!" and "I'm just doing what I want!", that in no way sounds convincing from the 61-year-old man's lips. There is not much rebellion back in the Anvil, even though it is the only fuel the band runs on.

The style has not changed, despite the band's admirable albumtal. It has the sound and the lyrics, unfortunately, does not, and the only flimsy development that seems to have happened, is a modernisation of the indspilningsteknikken and a little rust in the vocals. Must have its nostalgic heavy fix, the band has perhaps a bit to offer, but why resort to Anvil, when several of the genre's bands to age with grace – a trait that can't be found at the canadian anvil. Here hammered that loose on the same piece of metal, which eventually is so full of fatigue, that not even the fast death metal " and modern sound production can save it anymore.

There are a few good moments on Pounding The Pavement, there can be found, if you dive deeper than the awkward singlenumre. "Black Smoke" could have been a less water single and can with a little good will good headbanges. "Don't Tell Me" take in contrast to the rest of the theme starting in the present and the controversial Fake News concept. If Anvil had followed their own advice of "let It Go", could the album might have been a different experience.

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