Praedam - Electric Hellride

A more complex and sound on the new album

Danish Hellride/6963">Electric Hellride has been around since 2008 and are now ready with their second studio album. The band has been called the Danish counterpart to the Machine Head, and one can certainly understand where the comparison comes from, but in Praedam , the band has expanded their sound. There is clear inspiration from Lamb Of god, as well as elements from both black and sludge. In addition, Electric Hellride also raised the level of ambition and written a concept album. Praedam is latin for "prey", and the fixation on that hunt or be hunted, fits perfectly into the atmosphere the band creates on this album.

Groove, hard hitting riffs and a clear red thread

After a delicious intro to set the scene comes the band flying from the start. "Netherworld" is the group's classic blend of groove and thrash, but we also get black-inspired blastbeats, and the number is a stunning example of the beautiful balance between the genres, as Electric Hellride juggle. Number floating, as it were, progressive metal and groover as just hell. They are, as mentioned, many times been compared with Machine Head, and with tracks like "the Access Manifesto" it is easy to understand why. Both the sound and the balance between aggressiveness and the guitar riffs are as to hear the americans in their young days. The interaction the band in between is in the whole, sublime. While Brian Olsson play it one more groovy and ever-changing beat after another, you hit hard and accurately of sweaty guitar riffs as a deer that never saw the shot come a spring day in may. Tracks like "King of Suffering" and "Bite the Prey", testify to a more mature and self-contained sound, where the rapid shifts between groovy beats and blackelementer bears witness to a more original sound. Also Casper Villumsens vocals deserve praise in Praedam. He has found the right atmosphere to the album, and he manages to convey the bold text on an intense and compelling way, that binds the numbers together.

No rush, no problem!

Praedam is in many ways an incredibly mature album taken in view of the fact that it is only Electric Hellrides another slice. Clearly it has paid off for the band to take a break between the first and second album, and release an EP in the meantime to get to the core of the Electric Hellride. The group mixes elements from many genres, but the album experienced never fragmented. The groover and flows perfectly, and the production sitting right in the cupboard. The band is well on the way to go from the small Machine Head for large Electric Hellride, and as their sound becomes more and more autonomous, is the development inevitable. Nine small skulls and big kudos from here.

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