Prequelle - Ghost

Pope on trial

The experiment itself is quite successful, but as a whole it's a plate, I'm still debating with myself about. Is Tobias a misunderstood genius, or has he just misunderstood something? The numbers slipping past one by one and leave at the first listen no strong impression – but give it a chance, it must have enough bite. As a fan, I can see that they lack a number that can compare with the mesmerizing "Year Zero" or the brilliant "Cirice". Is maintained, the two singles "Rats" and "Dance Macabre" is well-written and just as catchy as the bubonic plague, and they are each excellent examples of the level you can expect from the record – but there is nothing extraordinary to find in this place. It is their absolute most pompous and popped round to date, but you can't deny that their musical roots still sticking deep in a time where it was not about to be the heaviest or most brutal. It is an attempt to merge the basic idea of classic rock with an ultra-cheesy flavour, and if everyone were to stay within metallen in their search for inspiration, it would result in uniformity. I'm glad that a band like this, as in the degree manages to challenge people's attitudes towards them – and it's going to be also in this game. The cardinal get the chance to prove his skills, and then time will show on the title as the head of the ward will be his. In conclusion, I would encourage all of you to meet up for the concert at Copenhell and with their own eyes experience the result, in most superior proof that darkness has many facets.

Cleric lunatic

The Ghost has just as many fanatical worshippers, which they have vehemently opposed. Their theatrical music has become affejet with a "it's not metal", and their concept will be seen by critics as a gimmick. But the band and their fans oblivious to not nejsigerne. Ghost is still on the way up, riding on a wave of occultism, catchy melodies and a flair for showmanship. Regardless of whether you are for or against Tobias Forges modus operandi, you know very well who the Ghost is, how they sound, and what their "thing" is. But it sticks deeper than just a large number of "new" frontmænd and changing, anonymous, other members; it is not just something they find in order to keep themselves in the limelight. For each new pope-a new plate. For each new plate, a new theme. But with Prequelle is the gradually increasing monotony with an endless variety of the leading figures broken, and a new name brings new times.


Satan uses cream in his coffee

My first impression of the plate was however, if I am to be completely honest, not very good. I had a difficult start with them, and it was only for the concert at Copenhell 2015, I could see the point in them. Therefore I felt some kind of disappointment, as my ears not heard, what I hoped for. In fact I would go so far as to say that my first written words, not exactly positive, and I could feel my enthusiasm for their existence valleys. But after monomanisk to have listened to and read about Prequelle I began again to understand why Ghost is so big. It is a complete, well thought out and brilliant project. The man behind the masks were unveiled last year, and instead of letting it stop itself, he has taken up the challenge and incorporated it in his narrative. Now we suddenly is drawn with a greasy little cardinal with a greasy little mustache, which represents a plate, which is unmistakably the Ghost, but is quite different than we have seen so far. The intricate backstory", "Cardinal Copia" is to deserve the title as "Papa Emeritus IV", and it is so with this plate, which is quite appropriately called just "precursor". And there is something to live up to – it is no coincidence that the most popular pope of all of them represents the album that really got them on the world map: Meliora, which pulled a Grammy home.

The Ghost lets out not just how to explain. It is not only the music, their fans gather for. It is the texts, the technique, the show and the huge amount of energy that is being put in to make it a complete unit. And after listening to this, their fourth fuldlængdeudspil, as a gal, I must once again surrender myself to their singular universe. The whole record is tied together by a creative approach to timeless texts on the subtle, reflects a civilization hovering on the precipice – the black death ravages Europe or a modern world from the mind. Death, all sorts of diseases and Satan are issues that are turned into ad nauseam of all the metal bands in all shapes and sizes everywhere, all of the days. But never as here. The first number after the telling intro "Ashes" is "Rats", which opens with an insistent riff that oozes the Ghost, and it sets the standard for pace on a number that provides a febervild mood. In the "Faith" you get a crazy game of tarnish salvation, complete with hammond organ, rasleæg and a beautifully executed kirkeorgel-transition to the next number. You can let yourself be seduced by the "Miasma"; an instrumental number that features a saxophone, synthet 80'-erstemning and singing guitarharmonier that weave in and out between a discrete, progget undertone. "Dance Macabre" is shameless stadionrock, as – rhythmic drums and sing-with-friendly verses, despite – delves into what awaits us all at the end of the road. I could go on, but that happens very much on the just 41 minutes, the album lasts. There is a good complexity in their music, but it requires really is that you have the time and desire to put yourself into the glam-mandatory powerballade-doom-classic-rock-Kiss Diamond-the 80's rock with a man who has grown up with Ace of Base on the radio, behind the helm.


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