Primaeval Pantheons - Bornholm

The fifth album from the Hungarian pagan black metal band manages not right to keep a to the fire

The island of Bornholm smoked herring? No! Dark and skærsild!

The known is a lovely resort island, located 40 kilometers southeast of Sweden, but now it is time that the concept will get a different sound. If you have not yet heard about the dark edition of the island of Bornholm, so come here just a summary. Bornholm is a Hungarian so-called, pagan black metal band from the year 2000. The whole of the original lineup was changed, except a member, before the release of their first album, the Hunting Moon from 2005. They emit now their fifth album, by the name of the Primaeval Pantheons. They do not hide the fact that they take great inspiration from bands like Bathory, Emperor and Dimmu Borgir, but the former band is best represented.

And you feel the devil's grip, but taken slips along the way

This album has left me with a strange feeling. In many ways it is a damn solid and extensive album, but as soon as the plate is over, and you continue out in the real world, then disappears the mood, since it doesn't really make a lasting impression. You get an extremely well-executed taste of the band's style and skill on the åbningsnummeret the "Eye Of Knowledge", which starts out with a melodic keyboard intro, followed by a classical fast-paced, and cutting guitar riff in pure Emperor style. The track lasts a little over seven minutes, and follows up at the dark, pagan path with lots of evil and sinister passages, not least complemented by the shrill and hissing vocals. The melodic is really in play in their music, and it shows also with the number "Atavism", which almost has dissiderede people elements.

It's all very controlled and lyttervenligt, if you can say it. It is very much edible, if not usually black metal. One senses clearly a variation in their numbers, but yet not. Although the numbers have each their setup and history, then floats it all a bit together in the same sound, and the carry-over. It is hard to take it all apart and point the individual numbers out. It is here it goes wrong with that lasting impression. Sitting afterwards with the feeling that you've heard one long number, and yes, there are many who would say that most black metal sounds the same, we must, however, keep completely out of this review. Now it's the adults who talk!

However, a fan of black, you should not miss out on numbers like "Old" and "Seventh Regin", which really is a couple of fabulous numbers and very strong representatives of the genre. The two songs also manage to stand out the most from the crowd. Specially "Old" is given special treatment on many different elements, and where the vocal folds out in several different variations, here with clean vocals, which provides a good input to the sound stage.

Highly competent album, but it was ultimately lacking a little ideas

This album is far from bad, but it works in some places, to the island of Bornholm runs a little dry of ideas and running the home in a safe way instead of coming up with something new. There are certainly decent numbers from, but with the album good 45 minutes of playing time, so there is too little to hold a to fire. There is no doubt that they are skilled musicians, and their intersections are really sharp, but there is not much new under the sun. It is a steady stream of fast blastbeats and high-pitched riffs, as they feel that they have already heard a million times. The big revelation is missing, but it is ultimately a solid album, which is being held up by a nice production. One should not miss out on this album, but if you do it anyway, so is not passed the great lost.

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