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Proponent For Sentience - Allegaeon

Back from the future

All in all, delivers Allegaeon a terrific album showing that the band contains even more dimensions. The ticket will have 9/10 skulls for further research in the borderland between science and man. The last skull had required a little more of the variation in the middle of the album, as the first and last songs. Certain it is, however, that the Proponent Of Sentience is an album with many well-composed and -produced layer, that deserves lots of gennemlytninger.

The creative experiment videreudforskes

Allegaeon is with three albums and an EP behind them gradually to be an established band within the melodic death metal. The band is AMERICA's answer to the wave of melodic death that rolled across Scandinavia in the sluthalvfemserne and has prevailed here in the Nordic countries ever since. Allegaeon is known for well-composed instrumental pieces, seasoned with a crushing growl-vocals. Can a band, who have previously scored top marks, maintain the creativity and brutality? The will Proponent Of Sentience showing.

Melody, technique and good production

And what an achievement the album is. From the acoustic guitararrangementer to dommedagsskrig. From the choir to the atmospheric and technically demanding guitar solos. When you are not sitting and admiring the guitar and vocals, headbanger's man on the tonsende dobbeltstortrommer and pounding blast beats, which makes sure, that there is also a groovy touch. This can be heard in "Demons Of An Intricate Design," which sometimes draws the threads of Meshuggahs style of play. Groovet is at times interrupted by the symphonic passages, the band also previously been known for. You miss nothing in this nystrukturerede version of the american melodeath band.

Proponent For Sentience is more than Allegaeons earlier material arranged as a concept album. The three songs "the Proponent Of Sentience IN", II and III thus forms the framework of an album, with a more organised manner than in the past opens up Allegaeons attempts to cross the death and destruction of the natural sciences, and computer technology. It thus starts with the conception of a program, if mechanics brought to life with part II of the Algorithm. Part III is the culmination of the whole story, where a robotstemme warns the listeners, within the artificial intelligence comes to life. The text on the album is so hardcore science fiction, which probably can enjoy the more nerdy fans.

One is no to artificial intelligence, offering the plate, however, plenty of atmospheric and hard-hitting metal, that can easily be enjoyed outside konceptrammens context. The album has a very produced sound, that is the main difference between this and previous albums. Creativity in music is preserved, but this has Allegaeon always been known for. This album comes in a more balanced and structured dose. With the long intro - and outro-pieces, for example, found in the "Grey Matter Mechanics", get the technical guitararrangementer still a lot of space and makes the album the perfect blend of terrifying shouts and screams from the frontman and beautiful instrumentalpassager. The sound on the Proponent Of Sentience pushes so Allegaeon up to an even higher level.

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