PumpKings - Masterplan

Can you mention the one without mentioning the other?

In order to explain who or what the master Plan is, you must understand the Helloween, which is one of the original field of powermetal. Roland Grapow was originally a mainstay of Helloween and had a hand in almost every area of production and songwriting, when he finally slipped more and more in her new project master Plan, along with then-Helloween-trommerslager Uli Kusch. The bread with Helloween,and Masterplan was born.

To keep up with who played in what band at what time, and who is mad at who and why is to follow in the Glamour. Completely impossible. Let's just make it real. The master plan is formed by Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch, because they were sure on some others. Moving on.

So what is it that we hear?

PumpKings is a kind of capture vs obscene reference to Helloweens sammenkomsts tour, to begin later in the year, where Kai Hansen and Michael Czech returns to the band to show the world one last time, what made Helloween to something big. It's hard to believe anything other than, to Grapow is a little børnesur of this and thus, choose 11 songs out from the time, where he helped to define Helloween and play them in his own way.

When it is said that the PumpKings can be a inter-musical teasers for the album between two old friends/enemies, I would rather use the time to hear the music and find out what actually has come out on this here plate. Even though there is also in the Masterplans studio has been installed a revolving door, it's Rick Altzis the second time as the frontman of the former have been used both a Norwegian in Jørn Countries and nomaden Mike DiMeo, who apparently makes the most out of to play intercity in different bands.

I don't quite know where I should start, and where I must end. The music seems forced and uncoordinated, the vocals overworked and the production is flat and perfunctory. When you get listened the album through a few times, it seems like a production that should just get over with, rather than put blood, sweat and tears into a slice, you might later look back on as being a good piece of work. Again, I can not get rid of the idea that this disc simply is an attempt to tease Grapows old medmusikanter from Helloweens time.

Should this plate be made?

The short answer; no. There has not been a slice from the master Plan in four years, and in the past they have, should the members have been adult enough to be able to say from over this farce, as Grapow calmly draws them down in. At the same time I can't avoid to think that fans of both bands probably just shaking compassionately on the head of Grapow and thinking about their.

Unfortunately, this disc is far from standard and should not have been released. It is rare I let myself go on by internal strife, but here it destroys the whole experience, and when you hear Grapows take on the good old Helloween--numbers, I can't give more than three skulls in total.

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