Rapid Foray - Running Wild

Yo hohoho and a bottle of... fuck

2011 was a joyous year for fans of the German pirates, as this was the year when Running Wild announced their comeback. The band was dissolved in 2009, but the cheerful German seamen could clearly not keep up with loot and guzzle rome. Rapid Foray is the band's 16. the album, which is an impressive feat, given that the band is one year younger than, say, Metallica, who only has 9 albums under your belt. However, when it is said, Running Wild since 1987, almost just posted the same plate again and again, with limited variation. We are out in the classic 80's power metal, so tight pants, high scream, explosive solos, sing-along-choruses and galloping riffs to the right and the left. The big difference between Running Wild and most of the other power metal bands is that Running Wild is silly with pirates instead of knights and princesses, who can't find the emergency exit in the tower, they have been placed in.

Judas Pirate

Running Wild is named after the Judas Priest song of the same name from 1987, and one can sense the pirate fascination of Judas Priest, at least, that is their sangstruktur very clearly inspired by the first Priest-slices, such as Screaming For Vengeance or British Steel, and now let us all be honest, who can not like the old, classic Judas Priest riffs? Exactly! And exactly like the KK Downing and Glenn Tipton did it back in the 70's and 80's, so play Rolf Kasparek and Peter Jordan definitely their old piratballer out of latexbukserne, there is absolutely no doubt about that. They have mastered the classic 80's guitar sound, which perhaps also explains the absolute lack of variation in their overall discography – thus: ‘if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

But why is the voice gone...?

Running Wild know clearly what they are doing, and they are undoubtedly also well satisfied with their music, otherwise they had hardly bothered to make more. The instrumental side of the music proves quite clearly that they are still in top shape, and they may well continue to gøgle far as pirates for many years yet... But (and this is a big but) they must have sent Rolf Kasparek to any treatment, and it can only go too slow! I'm totally with you on that when you've been singing nonstop since the 70's and have reached 50, then the voice is worn, but the English voice is not just worn, it is piv-rings! It is tired, old, and sounds almost end-of-life, which is a shame, since it's almost (depending on how frivolous you are with the pirates) only his rusty (in the bad way!) voice that pulls the band down. Their energy and instrumental skills are in tip-top, but Herr Kasparek must have done something to the voice, and it must be schnell!

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