Rastlos - Finsterforst

German folk metal, not folk metal, but atmospheric black metal

Finsterforst is a German metal band, whose name means "dark forest", and is a reference to the large dark forest that is in the area they come from. Their genre is described as folk metal and of the other as pagan metal. Themselves, however, call their music for the Black Forest metal. They were formed in 2004, when they released an EP, and then it went fast. In 2012, their fourth album, Restless, and it is not just a folk-metal experience.

The album starts out with "Nichs als Asche", which is a very atmospheric number, and although the instruments come suddenly, so it is still just atmospheric. There are also used some harmonica, and some more symphonic elements, which gives the music a unique feel, and works quite well. The second number works a little in the same way, with the atmospheric intro and some orkesterelementer, together with galloping drums and black metal screams a little inside in the number. Here are also use more accordion, which still works just as good. It continues to go through most of the album. It is atmospheric black metal with folk instruments in it all. It's all at the same time, really well played, especially the drums. They vary, and supports the music better than most can. It is, however, more and more atmospheric and quiet, so the atmospheric is quite promote to the last, without, however, metallen disappear completely.

If you buy the album hoping to hear folk metal, then you will be disappointed. Do you buy it, on the other hand, atmospheric black metal with folk elements, so it is your best purchase so far. It's all satan's atmospheric, beautiful and really well-acted. It has a suitable amount of black metal, and an appropriate amount of atmosphere. It's just not folk metal or pagan metal, which people often describe it as. Fans of the genres would not be extravagantly fond of it in any case.

Traackliste 1. Nichts als Asche 2. Fremd 3. Am Scheideweg 4. Stirbt zuletzt 5. Ein Lichtschein 6. Rast 7. Flammenrausch

Nichts als Asche is the first track on the album.

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