Reader of the Runes - Elvenking

So close and yet so far from

There is plenty of potential in the Reader of the Runes – Divination, and there is not a lack of ideas or grand gestures – both things I usually appreciate. But it is as if the potential is never exhausted, and ambitions will never be fulfilled, and it is a huge shame – it could have been a really good and strong album. But instead lands it in the ever-growing pile of albums, which was to drag on skuldrende and let out a "meh".

People power

Elvenking have written epic songs about runes, troldkarle and mysterious racer, since their debut Heathenreel was released in the year 2001. Since then it has been to no less than ten album, ergo one must note that the Elvenking is a pretty arbejdsomt band. Musically, we are out in a marvellous combination of grandiose powermetal and traditional folk-metal with lots of violin playing and lejrbålsguitar.

But this efficiency also gives a feeling that it is not all their releases, which is just worked out or implemented. But perhaps they have tightened up on itself, when it now is the album number X?

Bead or grain of sand?

Immediately as does the combination of power and people is obvious, since both genres is about adventure, the old days, and mythical creatures. But anyway, so there is no shortage of contrasts, as powermetal often thunders off, with the guitars, fills the entire sound stage, while people often have a greater focus on the lyrics and inkorporationen of queer instruments. But it is precisely this conflict that makes the music is interesting, and that the Elvenking stand out from the myriad of Italian powermetalbands otherwise.

It is, unfortunately, not all of the 12 numbers, where this combination is allowed to play, which means that there is a series of numbers, which appear generic and formulariske people - or powersange, as you've heard them hundreds of times before. For example the track "Eternal Joy" which deals with a light harmless vampire, is decidedly dull and fladpandet. It works almost like a "radio number", although I doubt that the Elvenking will be playing the game fairly much on Italian radio stations. But conversely, you also get a number as "Malefica Doctrine", which almost is a blackmetal song with lots of blastbeats, tremolo riffs and grunt-vocals. It is definitely the best number on the record here shows the Elvenking really, that they manage to blend genres in an excellent way. If the entire album was made this way, so I think that it had been a true gem. However, it is not the case, and you must therefore be content with a single black-power-people-hybrid-number – sigh! But there are other excellent tracks on the album, such as "Silverseal". A number, as I suspect, they have written after having seen a little too much Game of Thrones.

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